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Wearing hippie clothes for a hippie-themed party can be an exciting experience. Whether you are changing your style or going to a costume party, looking like a hippie is not hard. One of the tenets of being a hippie is dressing in natural clothing. Hippie costumes give you a chance to express yourself and not to enhance yourself. If you want to dress like a hippie then read on to get some useful suggestions.

From the waist up

There is a way you can wear like a hippie from the waist up and still look great. Here are a few ways to achieve that look.

Wear used clothes

You should shop at the local thrift store or flea markets to get the right used clothes. Though you can still find gear designed to give you a hippie look in other places, the whole point of this fashion is to stop buying things that big corporations are selling in favour of used items that can be bought locally.

A lot of hippies are into sewing. If you can make your clothes, that is better. In making your clothes, a little effort will go a long way. When you make something, it nets you more credit than something you just bought from someone else. Clothes with soft floral patterns or muted colour palettes are great options. Even if you don’t want to buy costumes online, you can still buy a few cheap items and put them together.

Choose comfortable and natural tops

You will need a simple tee if you have accessories to dress it up with. However, consider faded and old tees. If you are a lady, wear a cotton bra. You can also decide not to wear a bra at all. Hipsters have claimed the retro tees but that does not mean you cannot dabble too. There are still other options for you to try if you wish to branch out. You can incorporate tee-dyed tops. They should not be worn daily but you can wear them once in a while.

Try out a vest

Vests are great for accessorising with other types of tops. In the 1960s, at height of hippiedom, suede fringe vests were a classic option for men and women. There is a lot that shows the hippie look. Any variety of vest should do well.

Choose your kind of jacket

While the vintage denim jacket is great, there are other options you can choose to spice things up. If it has embroidery, beads or patterned trim, you should go for it. Suede, leather, fur or sheepskin are great.

From the waist down

Torn, faded or patched jeans will do great if the rest of the outfit is hippie. However, the holy grail of the bottoms is none other than denim bell bottoms. These are iconic hippie clothes that you should keep in mind. Women and men wore these as they are a staple of the hippie culture. Corduroy, denim or patterned pants will do well as it has that hippie flair at the bottom.


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