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Useful Tips to Enhance User Experience on Magento 2

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Developing an attractive interface that your target audience will find irresistible is crucial if you want to launch a successful eCommerce business that can grow as your company expands. The Magento Theme you choose will determine the quality of the service you deliver to your customers.


In this post, we'll define a Magento theme and discuss the factors to consider when deciding between a custom and a premade design for your online store’s theme. Your Magento store has a significant effect on customer experience, thus there are many details to consider.


Let’s get started.

Why Is UX Important To Magento Websites?


User experience, or UX, is the impression a user receives after interacting with a website.


Customers shopping on Magento, for instance, may have mixed reactions to the speed of the web. The term “user experience” is used to describe how a user really feels.


Every business has ROI as its primary goal. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses prioritize user experience while designing their websites and that investments be made.


Why should online stores use Magento?

➢    More Sales

In fact, when consumers are pleased, they tend to spend more time on the site, which increases the website's conversion rate and user engagement. Customers are more likely to spend more, which is good news for a company's bottom line.

➢    Customer Loyalty


Positive interactions also have the potential to preserve customer loyalty. If your site is easy to use, has a streamlined aesthetic, and loads quickly, customers will return and likely tell their friends about it. Doing so will significantly boost your website's organic traffic.


However, if your UX is poor, you risk losing clients to the open arms of your competitors until you fix the problems that are driving them away. You should better consider outsourcing a UX design agency for excellent results.

➢    Clear Process

It is essential to have a detailed strategy before beginning the Magento theme development process. Before putting pen to paper, it's important to gather information about your company, the kind of experience you want to provide, your branding aspects, and the available resources. The task will go more smoothly and with fewer hiccups if you have a specified procedure to follow.

Here is what your process should look like:

  • Determine who you want to reach and what your brand will stand for, then do a competitive study to see what's already succeeding in your sector.


  • Schedule activities, establish checkpoints, and stick to them to maintain forward momentum.


  • Create a site map and wireframe to outline the structure and layout of the website.


  • Build a look, write some copy, and code some essentials like HTML and CSS.


  • Ensure that there are no hiccups in the system by doing extensive tests before going live.


The first impression is the most important


Have an idea of the overall style and feel you want to achieve before diving headfirst into designing your Magento website. Make sure your Magento design is engaging to buyers and visually pleasing since this is equally vital in the e-commerce market. The appearance of your Magento shop says a lot about your company and might sway customers' decisions. To achieve your goal of keeping visitors on your site, you must provide a pleasing visual experience from the get-go. Pay close attention to every detail of the customer's journey, from the product catalogue to the search feature, from the ease of adding products to the shopping basket to the simplicity of completing the purchase.


Make an effort to upgrade your website's mobile version


More than half of all online firms' yearly income now comes from mobile devices.


The number of people using smartphones throughout the globe has risen to about 3 billion in recent years. It suggests that Magento store owners should prioritize usability, discoverability, and efficiency in order to improve mobile users' ability to connect with their stores.


Therefore, businesses need to adopt a mobile-first strategy. Your Magento shop will be accessible from any device thanks to the mobile-first, responsive design.

Use Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache is a trusted caching solution in Magento that helps websites load quickly. Varnish Cache is a powerful tool for boosting server efficiency and site speed. Varnish eliminates the need for Magento to create new timestamps for duplicate requests. This reduces wait times for pages to load, speeds up server responses, and benefits shoppers. Make your website speedier by enabling Varnish Cache for Magento 2. There is a catch, though: setting up varnish in Magento 2 might be difficult. Take care to set it up correctly, or seek the advice of experts if you're unsure how.

Focus On Mobile User Experience


If people access your site from their mobile phones, what do they see? Not having a strong mobile UX does not negate the benefits of having a good desktop UX. UX design for mobile devices is really different. Realizing that mobile users have different expectations than those of a desktop audience is almost halfway there. The outcome will put you ahead of the game.

Don’t Jump In

The greatest piece of advice is to relax and visualize how you want your site to appear before you start making it. Pay close attention to each and every facet of the user's journey.


Approximately 66% of users like aesthetically pleasing websites. They like it over anything more straightforward. A compelling piece of information is what customers desire if they just have 15 minutes to read.


Visitors' initial impressions of your company will be based on your website. If your website is dated or unappealing, visitors will have a bad opinion of your business. The impression your website leaves with visitors is crucial to the success of your business.


Make sure your website stands out by learning from the competitors. When you take a look at what Magento has to offer, it's hard not to want to get right in. If this is your first time selling online, you should still prepare well.




It might be attractive to try out every feature of Magento, but try to limit yourself to only the features you'll really use. You can always expand your site in the future if you decide you need additional features after a few months. You can take help from a Magento development agency in UK for using it the right way.



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