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Uses of Pillow Box Packaging in Different Industries

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Pillow box packaging is a perfect packaging solution when it comes to adding beauty and value to the product packed inside. Looking sleek and professional, the boxes are perfectly pillow-shaped and surprisingly easy to assemble and handle.

With different industry standards, pillow boxes are perfect for storing a range of products such as soaps, clothes, gifts, cosmetics and other small goods.

Selection of Material for Pillow Boxes

The choice of material for the pillow boxes is always at the customer's choice, cardboard and kraft; both have enough strength and power to get through a few periods in their lives, help transfer, and achieve a delivery goal.

Kraft and cardboard pillow boxes protect the product from internal and external risks. From groceries to jewelry, pillow boxes are ideal for all kinds of products with a great, fashionable look. Pillow boxes are more convenient and take up less space to place the product inside; Retailers also like to place them at the front of the shelf because of their appeal and unique shape.

Customization for Pillow Boxes

The packaging of the pillow box is already exceptional and imaginative, but with perfect customization, another value can be added to the product. Thousands of brands have already been established by business areas and successively built brand reputations through custom packaging. Packaging industry trends show that over 20% of specialty packaging is pillow boxes and a book has already been published on their use.

Use in Special Events and Occasions

On special occasions, pillow boxes are used as gift boxes due to their unique and beautiful appearance. There is a trend in European countries to hand out pillow boxes filled with chocolates and sweets at parties and weddings. However, it can be used for gifting purposes.

Due to their shape, they are used as gift boxes for weddings and weddings. Most of the top chocolate brands in the world use pillow-shaped boxes for chocolates, and there is a trend in Asia to hand out pillow boxes filled with sweets at parties and weddings. Greeting cards, ribbons, flowers, ornate flowers and other flourishes can be installed to decorate pillow gift boxes.

Use in Cosmetic Industry

Pillow boxes are widely used in the cosmetics industry as they are very attractive and practical due to their attractive shape. Most of the top 100 successful brands so far use pillow boxes for their product packaging. Besides these pillow boxes, bulk production and huge consumption have proven their use and benefits in almost every retail store. Pillow boxes are used to package the most demanding products in the cosmetic industry such as creams, mascara, eye shadow, hair extensions and many other cosmetic products.

The Food and Medical Industries also Love Pillow Boxes

Pillow packaging is just as important in the food and medical industries as it is in any retail business. Aluminum coated in the layer of pillow boxes increases durability and food protection. Pillow boxes are used to store and dispense chocolates, candies, sugar, beans, dried fruits and other similar food items. Hanging pillow boxes are used for various medical devices

With all the benefits of pillow box packaging, choosing this type of packaging for the product is a smart decision. Whether you are an established business or a new business launching a brand new product, be sure to include pillow box packaging in your marketing plan to achieve great success.


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