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The bleeding will eventually stop naturally when a dog gets cut, depending on how deep the cut is. When the cut is deep, and your dog’s already been bleeding for a more extended period than expected, the best thing to do is rush to the clinic so that your vet can check the cause of the bleeding. When your home is far from the vet’s clinic, you can temporarily apply styptic powder to your pet’s cut to stop the bleeding.

With an antihemorrhagic agent, the styptic powder has been proven an effective agent to stop bleeding. It also soothes the pain of the injured dog because it has a topical analgesic. In simple terms, clotting can occur quickly by constricting the blood vessels.

This first-aid tool is accessible and can be bought at most pet stores. It is a good idea to always keep one in your car and at home so that if unfortunate accidents happen to your pet, you can immediately grab it in just a few seconds.

Your pet clinic Cypress, TX is a valuable resource when it comes to issues that affect your pet’s health and well-being.



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