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Using ‘Writing’ as Therapy

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The Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi in collaboration with all the Rehabs in New Delhi, talks about writing being a perfect example of ‘writing’. Writing is regarded as something which we don't usually do unless we are actual writers or poets or bloggers, but honestly there is no such bondage. One of the best therapeutic and stress relieving activities is just penning your thoughts down.

When should you write?

The Rehabs in New Delhi usually states that when you feel too overwhelmed, try writing down how you feel. Let the words flow. If there are grammatical errors, let them be. To vent out is the primary aim. When you write you automatically go through the entire problem and as words flow, a little bit of peace settles and you are able to organise your thoughts in a better way. You get some clarity because sometimes you gain more perspective.

To put feelings into words is not something that everyone can do very instantly, because each person is unique. However, music is a great impetus to your writing. Listening to the songs or artists you love, might motivate you to write. For some, drinking their favourite beverages, say Coffee or Tea is helpful to give a refreshing start.

The need to write:

If you are a person who prefers not talking about their problems with others, it would be excellent if you jot it down. Random memories, random incidents when written give you a lot of headspace so you can multitask and do other things which you have planned to do, but were unable due to a block in your mind. We carry a lot of baggage. It's in memories of conversations we have had, places we have been to send many more. Unpacking is necessary because unless you do you can't start afresh. Giving words to your thoughts is a way of accepting them.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that this isn't for others to read. It's for your own selves. So don't bother about how perfect the sentences are, as long as they are in harmony with your thoughts. You can later, if you wish to, build on the writing if you really are interested or have some ideas.


Otherwise, look at writing as a journal for whatever you feel like talking about, so that you never are alone because even if there is no one else, you have some pages and a pen and that is enough. Don’t worry if it is not written creatively, like some random rants you might have come across on Facebook or elsewhere, say in a book. It is necessary to remember that what you write is your space and nothing can disturb that.





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