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What is vaccination?

Inoculation is the best and most secure method for forestalling numerous dangerous illnesses in youth. Inoculation reinforces the safe arrangement of the youngster and enables them to battle against different microscopic organisms and infections.

Which vaccines are given to pregnant women and when are these vaccines should be given?

Pregnant ladies ought to be given two lockjaw pathogen (TT) immunizations as ahead of schedule as conceivable during pregnancy. These immunizations are called TT-1 and TT-2. It is important to keep a hole of 4 weeks between these two antibodies. In the event that a pregnant lady has gotten two TT antibodies over the most recent 3 years, then, at that point, she ought to just be given a promoter TT immunization during this pregnancy.

Why do pregnant women need vaccinations?

Giving the TT antibody to all pregnant ladies shields them and their children from lockjaw infection. Lockjaw is a lethal infection for babies because of which they get firmness and extreme muscle cramps. In some cases children can't inhale because of snugness in the ribs and this can be deadly.

Should a pregnant woman still be vaccinated with TT if she registers her name late during pregnancy (ANC Registration)?

A major cause of neonatal death is due to tetanus infection at birth. Therefore, even if a pregnant woman enrolls late for ANC, she should be vaccinated with TT. But TT-1+ TT-2 or TT booster vaccines should be given at least four weeks before the expected date of delivery so that she can get the full benefit.

What should be done if there is no scar on the arm of the child after BCG vaccination?

There is no need to re-vaccinate the child if there is no scar on the arm of the child after the BCG vaccine.

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