“Vapes to Try” in Your Bucket List

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As a vaper, it’s very important to create your favourite vape bucket list, which will make you the ultimate vape star in Liverpool or anywhere in the world.

For a vape user like me, I like to try very favour in the town, which is probably the dream of every vaper in his/her twenties. So, where to start? It’s our call for taking the challenge.

If I could tell you my own story, I started vape when I was 21. My first ever vape was Elux Legend Disposable Vape. Because as a new vape use I started from disposable.

This vape pen was lighter in weight with robust quality which was very easy for me to carry around in my pocket and vape whenever I wanted day and night. It was my call every time.

That time was so much fun, no need to ignite, just use and put it back into my jeans pocket. I enjoyed my disposable puff vape pen, so at a specific moment I decided to move on and you got that right, towards the end of a professional vape star.

My friends also vape but use different vape pens. So, I decided to try their brands, it was just my curiosity to clear up my hunger for flavours and vapes that were turning my attention.

Sometimes I believe the ODM (original design manufacturers) have mastered the method of how our brains work related to selecting a product and its design. It's very obvious in this world.

Vape Pens that Every British should Try: 

One night a friend of mine introduced me to a new kind of vape that contains a power booster design. If I am not wrong it was called the red bull vape. I tried that night and wanted more. The clouds were fantastic which I felt and thicker than my vape kit.

Just like that my other fellow made me try another energy drink flavour called gst plus vape with sour apple flavour. I loved both of them and wanted to purchase more and there was a time I had each day flavour on my side table so I bought a rigid quality box to number and label them for each day and one day to mix them up just to get a little careless.

I was enjoying my time with my vape collections, and there were times when I used to browse vape pens from many different websites. I might remember some of them; there was a store just for disposable vape kits by the name of Alectrofag vape shop online UK. So I bought whatever I liked and they all were worth it.

But the best vape kit which I used twice was the gst plus vape. Because the cloud was thicker and I used this one to focus on some specific things related to work and to enjoy it in my garden on a bright sunny day.

Just like that, there are many vape kits that are on my bucket list and I am looking forward to filling them. I hope you will try some of these flavours and learn something new from my experiences. Just keep calm and vape on.


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