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Various Psychologists and Their Duties

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Various Psychologists and Their Duties


In the many subfields of psychology, what do the various subspecialists do, and what do they specialize in? Many people's mental image of a psychologist is of someone sitting at a desk, taking notes while their patient reclines on a leather couch. Although many psychologists do practice talk therapy, educational psychology can specialize in a wide range of other areas as well.


Did you know there are psychologists devoted to the study of the workplace and its tools? Or that some mental health professionals have developed strategies to mitigate climate change? The following is a list of some of the subfields within psychology and the duties that go along with them.


Psychologists in the Air Force

Researchers in this field observe and analyze pilot and flight attendant behavior. Researchers in the field of aviation psychology study airline safety, provide novel training tools, and advise on personnel selection.


An aviation psychologist, for instance, might choose or even create psychological tests used to vet candidates for top-tier pilot jobs. Due to the specialized and sensitive nature of the position, it is crucial to select applicants who are physically and mentally fit and able to work under high levels of stress. Aviation psychologists use their expertise in human behavior to vet potential candidates for safety-sensitive jobs.


Aircraft cabins and flight decks are only two examples of the areas where aviation psychologists might collaborate with other experts like engineers and human factors psychologists.

Aviation psychologists may aid in making sure these products are created with the user's perception, attention, memory, and other capacities in mind because they factor these factors into the design process.



Biologists and physiologists are also included in this category of psychologists. They investigate mental processes by conducting studies and tests. Biopsychologists investigate the biological influences on human cognition and behavior by studying the brain underpinnings of these processes.


This type of psychologist may also be employed to study the psychological effects of damage to the brain. Researchers can learn more about how to prevent, cure, and manage severe brain illnesses and trauma if they have a deeper grasp of the effects these conditions have on people.


Experts in Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologists evaluate, diagnose, and treat people who are experiencing mental health issues and psychological trauma. They also design treatment plans and engage in counseling.


Hospitals, mental health centers, and private practice all provide regular employment opportunities for clinical psychologists. They may have extensive training in a wide range of therapy modalities but focus instead on a particular problem or clientele. A clinical psychologist may focus on geriatric psychology, child psychology, adult psychology, or treatment for those struggling with substance misuse.


Despite their frequent presence in hospitals and clinics, clinical psychologists are not medical doctors and therefore cannot legally prescribe medicine.


Clinical psychologists, as reported by the American Psychological Association, earn an annual salary of $80,000 on average.


Experts in Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychologists look on things like decision making and problem solving to learn more about the human mind. A cognitive psychologist studies how the brain functions to perform tasks like learning and memory storage.


Cognitive psychologists can find employment in a wide range of institutions, from hospitals and clinics to government agencies and private practices. Research and patient care are just two examples of the many hats worn by professionals in this industry.


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