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What Is Titanium?

The chemical element titanium has the atomic number 22 and the symbol Ti. A transition metal with a silver hue, low density, and high strength that is resistant to corrosion in seawater, aqua regia, and chlorine can be created by reducing the only form it is found in nature—an oxide.

What are the Different Types of Titanium Products?

Ladhani Metal Corporation is the Largest manufacturer of Titanium Products in India. As the best Titanium Ball Valve manufacturer in India,they have large variety of products.

The Following are the different products manufactured and supplied by the company :

  • Titanium Vessel: Gas and liquids make up the majority of pressured chemicals, and they frequently need to be delivered to various locations. Without the proper vessels, pressurized materials could spill and cause more harm to the company as well as the surrounding area. Therefore, in order to produce vessels that can hold pressured substances, the manufacturers make use of Titanium Vessels.
  • Titanium F67 Sheet: Unalloyed, low-strength titanium plate has excellent formability and a low oxygen concentration. Airframes, heat exchangers, and desalination systems all use this grade of titanium. Titanium F67 Sheet is sturdy and corrosion-resistant.
  • Titanium Ball Valve: Using a hollow, perforated, rotating ball (referred to as a “floating ball”), a ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve that controls the flow through it. When the ball's hole is parallel to the flow, the valve is open; when the valve handle pivots 90 degrees, it is closed. Along with having high tensile strength, the ASTM B367 grade C2 Titanium Alloy Valve has good stiffness and toughness properties. For systems that require power on/off switching without lowering pressure, Titanium Ball Valve are perfect.
  • Titanium Butterfly Valve: A butterfly valve is a mechanism for controlling and stopping the flow. Titanium Butterfly Valve have a wide range of uses, including fuel handling systems, water supply, wastewater treatment, fire protection, the chemical and oil industries, and applications in the power production sector.
  • Titanium C Clamps: C-Clamps are used to clamp down objects, usually made of metal or wood. Numerous industries, including welding, automotive, and others employ these clamps.

For a long time, Titanium C Clamps have been used in woodworking to hold components steadily.


Multiple characteristics of titanium make it ideal for this industrial usage. The excellent capacity of titanium to keep its own structural features is one of its assets. Due to its corrosion resistance, it is also particularly suitable for powerful, corrosive liquids like acids that would otherwise erode alternative materials like plastic. In terms of cleaning and controlling it, titanium is also simple to maintain, which saves time and money on upkeep.


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