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Vegetarian catering ideas for an unforgettable feast

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More and more people are stepping into a healthier lifestyle. 

Some are trying to add more vegetables and fruits to their diet, reduce intake of junk and processed food, and limit consumption of carbonated beverages. 

If you’re in the food catering business or are organising an event, you might have noticed the increase in inquiries about vegetarian catering  Singapore.

The reasons why people prefer vegetables for their meals vary. Some may be doing it due to health concerns or reasons related to religion. Either way, it’s important to step up and offer meatless options to your guests. 

Vegetarian options don’t have to be bland. You can whip up tasty recipes that could make people forget about meat.

Vegetarian catering options in Singapore

Whether you’re looking at a venue or home catering services Singapore, here are the types of vegetarian options you should be able to offer:

  • Chinese vegetarian meals. Be creative when it comes to presentation. Your dishes should look and taste great. You can make certain ingredients resemble and taste like meat. 
  • Raw vegetable meals. If you would like your guests to feel confident about the buffet spread, meals that include raw vegetables are your safest choice. It’s clear they don’t contain meat or dairy and guests can easily identify what a dish is made of. This type of meal is ideal if your guests are strictly vegetarian or are very picky eaters.
  • Indian vegetarian recipes. Be prepared to offer a wide range of vegetarian Indian cuisines that guests will enjoy. A delectable feast is possible even for strict vegetarians. 

Vegetarian appetizers

Set the mood for a delightful vegetarian meal. During the appetizer period, guests are likely to take small bites from different dishes or food options. Make your spread interesting from the appearance to the smell, and taste. Make even the non-vegetarians curious and excited to dine.

  • Fruits and salads. Replace the usual meat appetizers with simple fruits and salads. Add a variety of textures and include ingredients to make the food crispy or crunchy. 
  • Spring rolls. Include fresh vegetables or new ingredients to make your recipe stand out. But remember that his meal doesn’t have to be fancy to gain fans.
  • Vegetarian cutlets. Make a savory vegetarian snack with the help of cutlets. They’re great finger food for kickstarting a meal. 
  • Artichoke hearts with parmesan.  A simple artichoke recipe can capture the hearts of your guests. Pay attention to the presentation to attract visitors, especially first-time tasters.
  • Appetizers in a jar. You can also try serving appetizers in a jar that guests can easily grab and bring with them. 

Mains that don’t disappoint

After building up interest with your appetizers, be sure to keep up the excitement with your mains and sweets. 

You can feature pasta, noodles, curries, and even sandwiches. Take note of your guests' demographic and cultural backgrounds to ensure everyone has something to indulge in.

Hiring a catering services provider in Singapore

Think preparing meals on your own is too much work? 

It is, but not to worry. A professional vegetarian catering team in Singapore can help. You can have meals delivered in disposable individual boxes or trays or go for a more luxurious buffet style.


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