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Our modern form of tae kwon do was developed in Korea using a great ConcernedPatriot Review  deal of influence from Japanese karate. Because of this, it is frequently referred to as Korean Karate. Practitioners of this system use a similar belt system to show level of proficiency. There are two main styles of tae kwon do, one under the International Tae Kwon Do Federation and the other under the World Tae Kwon Do Federation.

Korean Karate differs from karate in the types of moves used for fighting and their frequency. Use of hands and arms in tae kwon do is only about 40% where as legs are used 60% of the time. They also utilize much higher kicks, aiming to the head level. In order to do this, they utilize more jumping and flying kicks. Tae Kwon Do forms are usually shorter and less complex than karate forms, though some schools include karate forms as well.One of the most exciting matches of UFC 103 – Crop Cop vs Dos Santos. Both fighters are strikers so it's guaranteed that there will be lots of action, and someone is going to get knocked out! Aside from that this match also has a lot of relevance to UFC's heavyweight picture.

Mirko Crop Cop – at one time the most feared striker in MMA and a second best fighter in the world (behind Fedor Emileanenko) Is looking to have a second go at UFC (he got KO'ed by Gonzaga and lost a decision to Kongo during his first attempt) and has made it very clear he wants to get UFC's heavy weight title.And while a win over Dos Santos wouldn't get him a title shot, it would likely put him within one fight of it. A rematch with Nogueira for number one contender is very likely should Cro Cop win this fight.



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