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Veterans – The History and Future of The United States

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Veterans serve as the backbone of the United States and without them, there would never be a United States of America. In fact, there would be no life, liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness. And no way that would ensure that their country would remain the Land of Opportunity that it was once known as.


For many years now, veterans have protected the rights of Americans and although war is inevitably horrid within humanity, Americans have faith that their veterans are there to protect them.


This does not mean that veterans are not afraid of anything. Like every human, they feel the emotion just as strongly as we do but they answer to the call of duty and never fail to rise up to the occasion of fighting for their country. Many of them had to endure hunger, loss, desperation, pain but continued to fight with a purpose and were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to see their mission through. Hence, it only makes sense that we should appreciate them as the devoted warriors of their country.


It is important to show them that they are heroes and role models for their nation. After the war when America became a prominent global figure, the military was seen as a vanguard against foreign threats. Consequently, this also means that veterans have played a big role in affecting the policy on foreign affairs and have made Americans advocates for justice and democracy throughout the world. So not only do veterans protect American rights, they also provide ideal aid and services to those in need. In fact, there are many instances where the United States was the first one of the scenes that provided food, water, and all kinds of medical aid at a level that no other country came close to during major disasters that hit their home or even abroad.


Nowadays, the military is more engaged in humanitarian operations; the military aircraft has air dropped food into Ethiopia, rescued flood victims in Bangladesh, and delivered medical teams for major disasters around the world. Naturally, this has made many people appreciate their effort – especially people like Tom Ruck.


As a highly acclaimed American author, speaker, and patriot, Tom Ruck has been working in fields that show much appreciation to the United States veterans. He considers it an honour to have opened the first Urban Initiative Columbarium in the United States for the National Cemetery Administration while he was the Director at the Los Angeles National Cemetery.


He is also the individual behind personally creating and producing the Grand Opening Ceremony that featured then-Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs, Undersecretary for Memorial Affairs Randy Reeves, Gary Sinise, and many more.


Tom Ruck also wrote the “Sacred Ground, A Tribute to America’s Veterans, which was released by Regnery Publishing and achieved a #5 ranking on Amazon. He describes the book as, “I created this book as a labor of love to honor the truest of American heroes, our veterans.”


The book has won prestigious awards including;  a Gold Medal from the Military Writers Society of America and was named the Overall Grand Prize winner at the Branson Stars & Flags Book Awards and was the Winner of the USA Best Book Awards in the Military History category. Ruck takes great pride in all the royalties generated by the sales of Sacred Ground” which go directly to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund. “What I love about this book is that kids who have been dealt a traumatic blow by the loss of a parent while they were serving this great country of ours will know that America has not forgotten them or the sacrifice of their parent,” says Ruck. 


Moreover, Ruck has appeared in more than 100 radio and television programs and served as the keynote speaker at more than 50 national and regional events from 2007 to 2015. Additionally, one of his notable appearances include being the guest speaker at the Defender of Freedom Symposium in Washington, DC. and at the Freedom Alliance Gala in Laguna Beach, CA.


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