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You must be aware of certain parameters such as the team's handicap, win rating. If the betting community has a lot of confidence in any of the contenders, among others.

Agglomerating more than a million players online, Dota 2 has become one of the phenomena in the video game community. It has a lot of similarities to League Of Legends, but it maintains its unique charismaFor all this, thousands of online casinos have set their sights on the title, so that they allow bets with this MOBA. What do you think if we analyze the subject in depth? Let's see how to make money on upcoming Dota 2 matches.

In Dota 2, two teams or factions face each other, very similar to what is seen in LoL. Both teams appear at both ends of the map; and they must attack the central tower of the opposing team. In the same way, they will have to defend their Ancient (as towers are known). In total there are 5 rounds (one in each scenario). Whoever wins 3 of them wins the game.

Sportsbooks specialized in Dota 2 and other eSports offer various options for the player to bet . It is in this sense that you must select very well what your premise will be; Who will win? What was the total number of deaths during the game? If you can guess, or are lucky answering these questions, you will earn a good percentage of the fee.

In the same way, you can bet indicating which type of hero (character within each game of Dota 2) will be the most chosen. Or, which has been the most expelled. And in which houses or online casinos is it recommended to bet? You can do it at rivalry.com where they are reliable, with a large number of betting options and a good percentage of profits.

How to make a good strategy to win the Dota 2 bets?

Now that you know where to bet, you should know that it is not just about “guessing” who will be the king of the game. You must be aware of certain parameters such as the team's handicap, video game win rating . If the betting community has a lot of confidence in one of the contenders, your chance of winning will probably be low.

You can get good results in your bets if you know in detail each of the aspects of the game. If possible, try to play a few games yourself with your friends . In total there are more than 100 heroes, objects that increase the status of each one, and many more aspects.

In the same way, you must consider that in certain teams there is disparity between each one. Not only in terms of levels, or ability to play, but also in terms of their language. Although it seems something not so relevant; the language barrier may or may not result in a game being won. If all members speak the same language, they can set game strategies more fluently in video games.

Either way, there is no way to feel the excitement of Dota 2 than to start your first bet at online casinos. Winning or losing will depend a lot on your ability to analyze, so be guided by all the aspects that we have mentioned here.

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