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Modern technology is constantly changing the face of security. The first security point is usually the entrance to the property. This is where video intercoms help with access Armaturen control for security and convenience.

If you are looking for a home security system, start here. First you have to decide whether you want to mount your video door intercom at your gate entrance or on your front door. It depends on where the first barrier is for visitors, strangers or friends.

It's always best to see and hear when there's a knock on the door and immediately know who's there before you open the door and maybe get a nasty surprise.

A camera aimed at the Ar entrance

  • Most models have a camera aimed at the entrance area. There is a built-in microphone. When the doorbell or gate rings, the camera is activated and you can immediately see who is in the building on your screen.
  • You can both see and hear the person and speak to them if you wish. Then decide whether you want to include that person or not.
  • You will find a variety of types of video door phone and you need to shop around and decide which type and model suits your needs.
  • The different brands of video intercom security systems have such a variety of features; You need to examine them to see which ones are necessary for you and which are just unimportant extras that you'd rather not pay for.
  • Today's security systems are so sleek and neat. They are really no longer a feast for the eyes, but small and inconspicuous.

Depending on what price you are looking for the set

  • Usually you have the choice between a black and white or a color monitor.
  • The mobile units are particularly practical. Your main camera is mounted on the outside, while the monitor is available in a small unit hardly larger than a mobile phone.
  • Wherever you are in your house or even outside in the garden, you can see and hear immediately when someone is at the entrance.
  • You can talk to them and hear them, and some models even have a remote button that will open the gate for them if you want them to enter. All this without even going to the gate.
  • Video intercom security systems come in various price points depending on the upgrade level. Not everyone needs to be able to communicate with or grant access to a visitor remotely.
  • You may find that for your circumstances, just a simple and less expensive indoor wall mounted LCD display on your front door or on your desk or near your favorite chair is all you need. Basically just a warning before you open the door.
  • If you go for a more expensive model, you might find that a recording option comes in really handy. If you're not at home and someone answers a call, you can check your recorder and see who it was and listen to a message.
  • These video recording systems usually show a date and Armaturen time indicator to let you know when the camera was activated so you know exactly when your visitors were there.
  • Night time is usually the time when people are at greatest risk to security. If you are restless at night, you can have a camera that uses infrared light so you can see who your caller is even in the dark.



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