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Vintage Home Design Trends Everything You Need to Known

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A vintage trend in home design and remodeling has hit the market, and it’s getting more popular by the day. Today, people are looking to past for some of the trends they want to see in their homes, and this trend looks to continue well this year! This may sound odd at first glance, but there are many reasons why the trend of vintage home design continues to grow in popularity with each passing year – especially if you’re looking to remodel your own home or plan on building one from scratch!

In recent times, increasingly individuals are trying to bring the past into their home design. These trends were hot in the 80s and 90s, but now they’re back again in home design. With the future of home design trends being all about vintage, it’s about time we bring you up to speed on what vintage means and how you can apply this to your home. From outdoor signs to copper fixtures, this timeless aesthetic is captivating people worldwide, and with good reason. This guide will explore everything you want to be familiar with about vintage trends, from its history to how to include it into your home design, build or remodel projects.

What Exactly is Vintage Style?

Vintage home design trends are back, and they’re bringing with them an eclectic mix of classic and modern. But what exactly is vintage style? Well, there’s no simple answer. As you might imagine, a lot goes into creating a vintage design aesthetic, especially when you consider all of its different branches: rustic, nautical, industrial, to name just a few. So, answering questions about vintage decorating, we have to start at square one: Defining vintage.​

The vintage is usually reserved for decades that come before our current time period, yet it can also be used in conjunction with certain styles of homes. However, that doesn’t mean something vintage-looking can only be used in older homes. In fact, designers have many ideas to incorporate the vintage trends in the new home designs.

On top of that, some things were simply made better differently back then than they are now. These qualities set vintage pieces apart and help explain why so many people love vintage home design trends so much.

The Importance of Timeless Designs

When decorating your home, most people tend to focus on today’s trending styles: bright colors, contemporary furniture, and industrial fixtures. These designs may be fine for now, but what about five years from now? Is it important to make sure you have classic pieces in your home that will still work and look modern in a few years? Absolutely!

A kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, or living room transformation can do wonders for your home’s comfort and resale value. However, when making big design transformations in your space, don’t forget that choosing timeless pieces is equally important. With some basic tips on selecting vintage-inspired furnishings and the help of a professional, finding timeless décor shouldn’t be too complicated.

  • What exactly makes vintage designs so timeless? While many designers find their inspiration in things they discover while traveling around the world, others find beauty and function within vintage items found at flea markets or online auction sites.
  • What makes these items so appealing is their quality, functionality, and historical significance – all elements that are just as necessary today as they were decades ago. Another reason behind our infatuation with vintage décor is their unique appeal. Simply put, vintage items aren’t made like they used to be.

Vintage Home Design Trends That are Making Comeback

These days, interior design can seem like it’s all about sleek surfaces and minimalism. But if you’re looking to include some traditional appeal to your home, look no more than vintage home design trends! Whether you’re going for the fifties look with lots of chrome and bright colors or the eighteenth-century vibe with ornate crown molding and faux gilding, these vintage home design trends are sure to bring elegance and style to your home in an eye-catching way.

  • Wallpaper: Wallpaper may indeed be tacky, bringing up reminiscences of old flower designs in your 1980s home. At the present time, although, it has made a noteworthy reappearance that is both innovative and modern. Geometric designs, florals, metallics & additional patterns will provide intensity to your home, mainly when functional to an accent wall.
  • Paneling made of wood: Wood paneling, which was popular in the 1960s, is now more than simply a fashion statement. With smaller slats and smoother surfaces, wood paneling is making a comeback.
  • Indoor plants: In the 1970s, indoor plants, particularly spider plants and ferns, were highly fashionable accents. Houseplants are highly stylish in design nowadays, both as a method of accenting and cleansing the air, because they fill up the home in their entire oxygenated splendor. Make a living wall or place that spider plant in a macramé plant holder in a comfortable spot to liven up the space.
  • Pits For Discussion: Conversation pits, which were popular in high-end homes in the mid-1970s, had a recessed square in the center filled with sofas. They’re back today without the flaming orange and avocado green color scheme. These discussion pits are situated in a subterranean living room and painted in neutral hues to create a comfortable but communal atmosphere.
  • Graphic Design: Graphic artwork such as hanging posters has been famous since the mid-1980s. Although graphic art as a whole isn’t back in full swing yet, striking and unique works of art are being employed as an exceptional central focus in rooms with thoroughly rinse furnishings.
  • Backsplash in the Kitchen with Mirrors: The mirrored kitchen backsplash was trendy even during the disco period of the late 1970s and early 1980s, and it was all about bringing a bit of elegance while also opening up the space. This aesthetic is now being seen in classic kitchens, combining minimalism with a touch of glitz.

Color Palettes to Give Your Home a Vintage Look

Vintage home design is a style of design inspired by art nouveau and all its features that may be applied to decorating your home. Vintage home design color palettes are often bright and bold. To get a vintage look, you can use only one of those colors or try combining them.

  • For example, you may want to apply emerald green in your room’s decorating scheme and mix it with raspberry red and royal blue.
  • Consider using purple as your primary accent color if you like darker tones instead.
  • Be aware that using too many hues will make your space look very loud, so choose wisely!
  • Remember – less is more when it comes to vintage home design!

Vintage Style Furniture You Can Use in Your Décor

Vintage-style furniture is making a big comeback, and if you want to incorporate it into your home décor, there are many ways to do so. A long list of vintage furniture is bound to become a trendy part of home design over the coming years. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to arrange your vintage furniture, take a look at these tips:

  • Consider putting new cushions or fabrics on old chairs or stools. You can also paint them in coordinating colors.
  • Putting mixed-up vintage coffee tables with an old piece of seating creates an instant conversation piece in any room while providing interesting surfaces on which to display items in your home that bring life to space. This makes it a great addition to any living room or family area.
  • Vintage wardrobes make great entryway storage units when they are pushed up against a wall. Keep them closed but open one cabinet to store coats, scarves, and other seasonal accessories.
  • Placing vintage cabinets by doors gives you handy spots to put keys, shoes and bags, and other everyday items without taking up too much floor space.
  • Try using different styles of vintage lamps throughout your home. These traditional forms provide lovely ambient lighting while being easy on your eyes! In fact, early civilizations used oil lamps before electricity came around, which means that we’ve been using these lights for thousands of years!
  • Add character by mixing up different types of vintage lamps in various areas, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.


Vintage accents can really work magic for any interior, but they should not dominate. Instead of trying to decorate your entire house from head to toe in vintage furniture and accessories, find a few iconic items which will give you that beautiful vintage vibe without being overpowering. So, whether you are building a new home from scratch or want to renovate your home to make it more comfortable, functional, and appealing, you can incorporate these vintage home design trends into your space. At homednb, our trusted and reliable professionals have many ideas to make your home according to your desires, whether you want to give your home a vintage, contemporary, or blend of both!



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