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Visit the green paradise – Meghalaya.

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Situated among the hills of the Himalayas and covered with green patches which make the place look like an absolute paradise, Meghalaya is hands down one of the most beautiful states to visit in India.

‘Adobe of clouds' is the literal Sanskrit meaning to the word Meghalaya, and rightfully so considering the amount of rain it sees every year like there is a game of hiding and seeks to go on between the sun and the clouds.

Meghalaya trip will definitely have a lasting effect on your life considering the soothing vibes of this place.

Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo hills surround Meghalaya all around. These places remain untainted by tourists, the environment is still pollution-free and exudes very happy vibes.

Meghalaya has incredible natural beauty, cascading waterfalls, sparkling clean water, natural caves, and colorful heritage. Places like Cherrapunji, Umngot are rich with such sites which makes them no less than heaven on earth.


Meghalaya travel guide is a northeastern state of India, it was actually a part of Assam earlier but now is an independent state and now shares its borders with Assam and Bangladesh.

Meghalaya is a host of many offbeat activities and a garland of beautiful places to visit and can be explored endlessly for even a month, but rarely people can find such time, but you guys don't have to worry we are here to guide you for having the most fun at your trip.

Reaching Meghalaya:

Guwahati is the entry point for Meghalaya as it is for most northeastern states. From there you will have to travel to Shillong which is the capital city of Meghalaya. So your trip will necessarily start Shillong itself, where resides a domestic airport which connects Meghalaya to Kolkata, Guwahati and New Delhi. Guwahati and Shillong being the major cities of northeast has all the necessary ways of conveyance including train junctions and buses.

Best time to visit Meghalaya:

Meghalaya is considered to have a tropical climate. The best time to visit is the winter months that is from October to March. But to see waterfalls in their full glory you can opt to travel there in the months of rain that is from August to the beginning of October. Months of April to June are of the summer season are not recommended to visit here because the ‘seven sisters' waterfalls of Cherrapunjee can be hardly seen during this time.

Best Places to visit in Meghalaya:

  1.     Shillong: With the busy, trendy, hip, vibrant energy of the city, it is rightfully the capital of Meghalaya. When noticing the architecture of the place you will see there is much of the British influence involved in this city's infrastructure and also there are amazingly beautiful lakes all around which is why we call this city ‘Scotland of east'.

For all the music lovers out there Shillong offers fine and chic cafes that showcase some really good music, other than these cafes there are many places like Police Bazar which is a marketplace for shopping extravagance.

Shillong tour packages are very customizable with us at capture a trip.

Attractions of Shillong- Ward’s Lake, Lady Hydari Park, Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Shillong Golf Course, Smit, Laitlum Canyons, Bishop & Beadon Falls, and Umiam Lake.

  1.     Cherrapunjee: Also known as ‘Sohra' resides near Shillong about 60km far, Meghalaya tourism conducts many tours of Cherrapunji. Cherrapunji is known for its rainfall level hence is the wettest place in the nation. And naturally, this place looks awesome in monsoon seasons.

Shillong trip with capture a trip covers Cherrapunji indefinitely.

Attractions of Cherrapunji- The great Nohkalikai Waterfalls reside right here in Cherrapunji, it is the world's fourth-highest waterfall. The Seven Sister Falls, Wei Sawdong Falls, and Dainthlein Falls are all must-visit sites. Other than these you should also visit the Mawsmai and Arwah caves.

  1.     Nongriat trek: this village is famous for its ‘Double Decker Root Bridge', which starts from Tyrna and reaches the Nongriat village, the trek is roughly about 3500 steps but you won't remember to be tired when you see the sceneries of the village, they are extremely mesmerizing and people here are very friendly and with the best hospitality. It is advisable to stay here a night to cover all the bases. 
  2.     Mawlynnong: with the amazing scenic views, this has been declared the cleanest village in all of Asia. Meghalaya tourism also conducts trips to Mawlynnong. Homestays are very popular here, with greenery all around you and colorful orchid flowers bejewelling the village it is simply mesmerizing.

Attractions of Mawlynnong- single decker Living root bridge in Riwai village, a balancing rock that you can visit, The Skywatch is a tall bamboo structure that allows you to climb atop and have gorgeous views of the Bangladesh plains from there.

  1.     Mawphlang: the Mawphlang sacred groves reside 45km from Shillong, it is situated in East Khasi hills. Amongst the dense green forest and with the background of blue beautiful sky, Mawphlang is simply mesmerizing. There are several staying options in case you want to stay a night or two. The sacred grove is a small forest is considered to be sacred by the Khasi tribe. The forest also grows many medicinal herbs and exotic plant species.

Attractions of Mawphlang- the Khasi heritage village, Mawphlang is also a starting point of the ‘David Scott trial'.

  1.     Dawki: situated at the border of Bangladesh, Dawki is the last village on the Indian side. You can reach Dawki by a shared Sumo from Bada Bazar in Shillong. The Umngot River in Dawki has very clean and clear water, you can take extremely good pictures near the river. You can also travel to Shnongpdeng another pretty hamlet on the banks of Umngot River. There are many options for camping near the river as well.

Attractions of Dawki & Shnongpdeng- A number of water activities like country boat ride, scuba diving, cliff jumping and fishing.

This concludes our blog for a pitch to visit Meghalaya. Meghalaya tour packages offered by Capture A trip are very attractive. We do hope you have a look with an open mind.








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