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Since guinea pigs can’t produce their own Vitamin C (unlike human beings), it is the uttermost important vitamin for them. Guinea pigs can become really sick with scurvy. Though the required amount of vitamin C somewhat differs based on the reference source you are using, almost all guinea pigs will probably require around ten to thirty milligrams per day. In addition, ill, young, nursing, and pregnant guinea pigs will require more.

In order to achieve the required vitamin C amount of an average guinea pig, you will need to give your guinea pig a nice selection of high in vitamin C vegetables together with a fresh and good guinea pig pellet.

Though most of the available pellets for guinea pigs contain added vitamin C, they usually degrade over time and are quite unstable. Storing pellets in a dark and cool place can aid in the preservation of vitamin C. There are also pellets that contain a stabilized form of vitamin C that you can get for your guinea pig pet. Using vitamin C tablets is the best method to supplement your guinea pig with additional vitamin C.

Any concern you may have about your pet’s diet should be brought to the attention of your local veterinarian Eau Claire, WI.


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