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The human body requires a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and other seemingly minuscule nutrients in order to function properly and smoothly. A deficiency of just one of these materials can lead to issues ranging from minor to catastrophic.


While that may sound hyperbolic, unfortunately, it is not. A lack of proper nutrients can be detrimental to the human body, causing organ issues, failures, and more. One such vitamin that is vital for function and can lead to problems when there isn’t enough of it is vitamin D.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to add this vitamin into our diets and lives, from proper diets and getting more sunlight to taking a vegan vitamin D supplement. Before we get into ways to adding this vitamin, let’s look more closely at the two forms of vitamin D: D2 and D3. Both types are vital to humans, come in different forms, and provide varying purposes.

D2 vs. D3
D2, for starters, is found in certain plants while D3 is found in animals and human skin— but the latter location only when it’s been exposed to sunlight. However, D3 is more preferable to take into the body because it increases levels of vitamin D more than D2 and stays within the body longer.

Benefits of D2 and D3
Now that we have a better understanding albeit brief of vitamin D2 and D3, let’s now go over what exactly these imperative vitamins contribute to us, namely their benefits. Fortunately, both of these versions of vitamin D play the same role in the body and, therefore, provide us with the same benefits.

Benefits of D2 and D3:
● Boost immunity in the body
● Boost heart function
● Strengthen muscles and bones
● Improve bone metabolism
● Improve mood (low levels of vitamin D cause depression or low levels of vitamin D lead to depressive behaviors)
● Anti-inflammation (can lessen allergies, asthma, and atopy)

Ways to Obtain Vitamin D2 and D3
Taking vegan vitamin D supplements is one of the most effective ways for you to receive this vitamin, as these sublimely match the amount your body needs. The best source of vitamin D3 specifically is the sun. This option does run the risk of UV ray exposure and damage, but the second-best is from the right vitamin D supplements.

If you do not get enough of the vitamin from the sun or from vitamin D supplements, you can get some from certain foods. Some great examples with decent vitamin D levels include fatty fish, mushrooms, whole eggs, and vitamin-fortified foods (milk and breakfast cereals).

Why You Should Take D3 + K2 Supplements
We discussed a good deal about both D2 and D3, their importance, and ways to obtain them both. However, we’re going to steer a bit away from these vitamins for a brief moment because there is another vitamin that, when added in conjunction with vitamin D3 specifically, amplifies the benefits you can reap.

Vitamin K2 plays a vital role in the building and maintenance of our bones as it breaks down the bone-building calcium and activates a protein. This then allows for the mineral to successfully bind to our bones and perform its job.

And, when combined with vitamin D3, K2 can successfully ensure that the calcium you obtain from food or other outside sources is deposited solely in the bones and not your arteries.

Try the Vegan Vitamin D Supplements from Raw Revelations
Raw Revelations has some of the most high-quality vegan vitamin D supplements which are fortified with both vitamin D3 and K2. Why choose vegan options in particular? Because these are plant-based vitamins, there are no additives, vegan-friendly, and only contain vegan ingredients.

However, these particular supplements from Raw Revelations have even more benefits: gluten-free, soy-free, are non-GMO, contain no refined sugar, and are GMP compliant.

Head on over to Raw Revelations and pick up your next favorite vitamin D supplement! Send them an email at Hello@RawRevelations.com today if you have any questions.

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