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As a health professional, communicating with the patients, doctors and other members is a crucial process for your business. Making sure that your patients are getting treated timely, your doctors are having a healthy working environment and other staff is satisfied is your prime responsibility as a head of the department

Maintaining the patient’s crucial data and managing your team effectively is a bit challenging but plays a huge impact on your business growth. Today, most businesses are adopting business management software for their everyday operations. This software helps to improve the efficiency of tasks and automate repetitive tasks. 

In this article, we will have a closer look at Vtiger features for the medical industry and some of the best Vtiger extensions that empower the medical department.

Table of contents:

  1. Vtiger: A Perfect CRM for the Medical Industry
  2. Vtiger Modules for the Medical Staff.
  3. Top 6 Vtiger Extensions for the Medical Industry.
  4. Benefits of Vtiger for the Medical Industry:
  5. Wrap up.


Vtiger: A perfect CRM for the Medical Industry:

Vtiger is a leading Customer Management software tool. It is popular in the medical industry as it helps hospital management improve their engagements and management procedures with its extensive tools and features. Moreover, many powerful Vtiger extensions are readily available that can be added with the default Vtiger CRM to enhance workflow and boost operations. Even Medical research organizations can manage their confidential data within Vtiger, get leads for their research, and track their progress.


Vtiger Modules for the Medical Staff:

With Vtiger’s inventory module admins can keep a record of medicines and other important stock. They can track the sales and purchase orders and ensure the availability of stock with Vtiger’s advanced inventory management features. The contacts module comes in handy in managing and maintaining patients' records, scheduling appointments, managing doctors, and much more. Additional modules can also be added within the software to maintain records.

Vtiger also offers tools to manage the team and track the employees. The hospital admin can ensure that all the patients are getting assisted and staff is working properly to fulfill the requirements. Vtiger reports comes in handy for doctors to analyze patient’s progress. Thus, a fully functional and powerful software tool for every operation is a must-have for medical departments.  


Top 6 Vtiger Extensions for the Medical Industry:

Now, let's discuss some of the most powerful Vtiger extensions for the medical industry to enhance their workflow and boost productivity.

  1. Kanban View: Kanban view or Pipeline view is one of the most powerful and handy Vtiger extensions. This useful Vtiger add-on enables the healthcare department to schedule appointments and track every patient's progress. Using this extension hospital staff can keep a close check on patients' progress.
  2. Listview Analytics: Listview Analytics is another useful extension for Vtiger. It helps doctors keep a record and analyze the patient's progress conveniently within the listview. These extensions speed up the process and boost efficiency.
  3. Item Detail Customizer:Item detail customizer allows users to customize the detail view of items. It helps to modify and add details on the items in invoices and orders. It comes in handy in the medical industry to add details on medicines and other invoices.
  4. Document Manager: Hospital admins have to manage documents including patients' files and other important documents. Maintaining the records manually can be a hectic task with the document manager extension for Vtiger administrators can keep a record of patient history that is readily available when needed.
  5. Listview colors: Vtiger listview colors extension allows the medical staff to differentiate between patients. By setting different colors for patients who need extra care, patients with certain diseases, or regular patients they can ensure that every sufferer is assessed properly.
  6. Advance emails: Sometimes the hospital management has to send emails to doctors, sponsors, and others to create awareness for certain diseases. With Vtiger's advanced emails, they can design attractive and informative email templates to reach out to the maximum audience and get their response.

Using Vtiger to automate your everyday operations as a healthcare department is a smart move by hospital administrators. Medical specialists can utilize Vtiger for their betterment. Add a variety of powerful extensions to streamline their operations. Ther that The above-mentioned Vtiger plug-ins, Vtiger reports, keyboard shortcuts, work automation, and other handful of extensions are also worth it. With the Vtiger calendar module admins can schedule appointments for the patients and much more.


Benefits of Vtiger for the Medical Industry:

Vtiger is a perfect CRM solution for the medical and healthcare department in many ways, Now, let's discuss some of the Vtiger benefits for the medical industry.

  1. Better team collaboration.
  2. Patient record tracking.
  3. Improved appointment scheduling.
  4. Convenient inventory management.
  5. Improved data security


Wrap up:

It is a much-needed awareness that software like Vtiger is not just a good choice for businesses dealing with products but also medical and other industries. Vtiger has proved to be beneficial for such organizations by enabling them to enhance their workflow. 

If you are looking for a reliable business management tool that may help you grow as a business and take your business to new heights do consider Vtiger as your CRM software.


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