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Single page applications and frameworks that help in designing web applications are the pioneers in the development spectrum when it comes to designing and development web applications. In the race to be the first and the only frameworks that supports all the major requirements and use cases, there is a need to compare as well as contrast the frameworks that are available that enables developers and designers to create applications that conform to the standards of today's development demands. 

 Recently there have been many frameworks and tools that support this development such as react JS, Angular JS, and Vue JS, all of these frameworks and tools provide their own set of advantages and disadvantages as well as help in the process of web development and application development. Let us compare and contrast each of these frameworks to see who is the clear winner when it comes to development and designing

Learning Curve

When it comes to learning a particular Framework for technology, it should be such that it should be easy to master and understand. There should not be any hindrances or difficulties faced during the learning process as this can hamper or slow down the learning process. When we compare the three frameworks learning processes we find that Vue has an overall easier learning process, and the concepts are neatly explained in the documentation. Next comes react which has a slightly difficult learning process and a little bit tedious to master, however angular as the steepest learning process of all and have difficult to master out of all the three

Update releases

 The next point on our agenda is the frequency of updates and support that the Framework releases. Angular is known to release updates and bug fixes every six months down the line. However history has shown us that the features that are supported by the previous versions are broken in the newer versions of angular, developers and designers need to find a workaround to get their code supported when they migrate to newer versions of angular. This is not the case as we found out in react JS or vue JS. with every version of react or vue, they are seldom little breaking changes that are incompatible with code and needs to be worked around, or manipulated so that there are no breaking changes in the code.

Support from community

The third agenda in our list is the support offered from the respective communities of these frameworksAngular offers support from Google, their documentation is rich in nature, and is exhaustive in nature for developers and designers to use it, the concepts are neatly explained, along with examples wherever necessary so that developers can implement it in their core logic. React is offered support from the Facebook community, and as similar as angular, it also offers an exhaustive documentation with illustrated examples wherever necessary so that developers can use and benefit from it. Vue on the other hand, has precise documentation and the conception neatly explained, so in this round all of the frameworks have equal points.

Trends on Google

 Even though angular is the most mature framework of all followed by react and then Vue, the trends on Google show and speak a different story all together. 

Vue JS leading the trend, with the maximum number of searches being done on the Google search engine, followed by react, and then angular. Angular has the least amount of trend being shown on Google, and this indicates that it is less popular amongst the community of developers and designers alike. 

Job Opportunities

As a single page application designer, or a web application designer, our even or front end application designer, all of these frameworks shows that there are ample job opportunities for designers and developers to create new and improve web applications that solves the real world problems easily and efficiently. So in this case as a developer or designer of these frameworks you will not have to worry about searching for a job opportunity that provides you a chance to use these frameworks in your development process off web applications.

Reusable components and code

 When it comes to reusability and stability of the code, all of the three framework akor = points, but angular scores slightly down, compared to react or vue. Even the angular supports reusability, it is found out that there are breaking changes in code when you upgrade to newer versions of angular, as this can make the maintenance task pretty difficult. So Vue and React scores higher in this regard.

Migrations for code

 If you are using a lower version of any of the frameworks, then upgrading to a higher version seems to be a possibility for you because of the support offered by the respective frameworks. Vue and react-scroll hire in this regard, as the support offers this robust and rugged. Angular score valid lower, as there are breaking changes in the code, and need to be reworked upon to support the higher version of the framework.

Conclusion: We have shared with you the comparison and contrast of which of these frameworks are better for designing and development. We hope you like this article and have found it informative


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