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Wales’s Football World Cup side talismanic captain Gareth Bale has a big decision to make about his future this summer and there are many reasons why he should join his hometown of Bluebirds on the radar. There are millions of reasons why Gareth Bale to Cardiff City seems like a dream come true. If you can lead, why not increase it?

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There is any kind of Premier League clubs, Serie A teams, and two big Scottish clubs Celtic and Rangers would love to sign Bale and pay well to do so. Then there are the other reasons, personal, emotional, and football, why moving to a hometown club makes sense. Not many of them, admittedly, but in many ways, they are much more powerful than money. Gareth Bale, captain of Cardiff City and Wales driving the dream of the Premier League and FIFA World Cup. It has a nice ring on it, doesn't it?

Opportunity to get home

You can take a Cardiffian and Welsh icon in the Welsh capital, but you will never take Cardiff or Wales out of a man. After so many years of absence, in Spain, London and Southampton, this is Bale's chance to return home. For Wales Footballer Gareth Bale and his wife Emma to be among those they love the most.

Sitting well in a nice place they bought on the outskirts of Cardiff. Local schools for their children, an opportunity for Bale himself to do school after training. What’s not to like about any of that? These are the reasons why Craig Bellamy shocked the football world by joining Cardiff twice, first when he was a Manchester City Football Club player, then a Liverpool star.

Bellamy would no doubt have continued to play with those big clubs, but his reasons have been blown away. Bale is a very independent man, but do not waste the same thing that can happen to him. What has happened with Covid in recent times, as well as the segregation of people we have been forced into, has made everyone re-examine our priorities. You have also invested heavily in businesses in the Welsh capital and, although undoubtedly run skillfully, there is nothing like being around to get involved.

The love of the fans

There is nowhere Bale can go where he will be so worshiped by the team's fans. And the Welsh media, after all, tend to influence the opinion of supporters. It would be exactly the opposite of the trash Bale had to endure a few years ago in Madrid, something that came to him when he discovered his anger over the need to be ashamed.

It was not just the parts of the Madrid media that were sitting behind Bale, he had to endure the occasional annoyance with Madrid fans. Yet here in Wales he is still worshiped. We saw this firsthand in the congratulations he received before, during, and after the magnificent FIFA World Cup 2022 victory over Austria.

Wales is Bale's country, but Cardiff is his hometown. These are his people. He would not do evil in their eyes by joining the Bluebirds. Even less-than-perfect play can be given a lot of space just because you are Gareth Bale. After months and months of civil strife, would it not be good for Bale to be loved every day? For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.

Football reasons make sense, too (believe it or not)

Yes, we know that Bale will choose other clubs. Who, other than the Premier League's real big guns, wouldn't want to sign him for a free transfer? Third spell with Spurs, a Newcastle project, reviving Everton. Lots of middle and bottom teams would love to have him. Then there are clubs abroad. Germany, America, China.

What about Celtic or Rangers? Most of them make sense. Most could not afford Bale. However, there are big buts here. Bale will turn 33 in July. Can his body withstand the rigors of a high-flying football week, all week? The Championship is by no means a walk in the park; in many ways, it is even more disturbing about the endless Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday game.

But Bale has managed to manage his appearance with Cardiff, as did Bellamy with his loose knees, and Bluebirds fans will be more receptive to that than fans of those other clubs. If Wales's Football World Cup side does not cross into Scotland or Ukraine and reach Qatar, Bale will likely retire and return home anyway.

Should Wales reach the Football World Cup, they will need a good match time to put him in a good position for that final this coming winter. If Cardiff were to play for Hull on Tuesday night, the Bluebirds fans, who are Wales fans, remember would have understood that he was not selected for such a game in a way that fans of English, Scottish or foreign teams probably would not have done.

And, no matter how many games he plays, Bale will find it easier to shine against the younger defending champions of the Championship than to become a Premier League Football Club elite. That is not a cop. He’s been the best British player of his generation, whatever Wayne Rooney fans might think. So, Bale has nothing left to prove to anyone. He excelled in Wales by playing close to the absence of the ball. He would certainly have excelled in playing Championship football.

Dream of the Bluebirds Premier League

Given all that he has achieved in this match, especially with Real Madrid, the only thing Bale has left to do is play in the World Cup. Hopefully, that will happen in November. But what about trying to simultaneously drive his hometown of Bluebirds on a high-flying plane, as Bellamy did under the watch of Malky Mackay in 2012-13.

Surely, as a home team, would that have attracted Bale to this stage of his career beyond winning the Scottish League, or trying to find a Premier League team aiming for the top four? Gain that and maybe the Cardiff Council will erect a statue of Gareth Bale to move closer to one Gareth Edwards downtown.

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