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Wall Decors to Make Anyone’s Day & Candles to Make your night!

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Wall Decor

Soothing styles for the modern homemaker

Technically walls are the largest part of any household. So, neglecting them can cause your home to look like a shabbily dressed guy for an interview! Moreover, it’s not only about the visual appeal, but bringing those dull walls to life and also use! Our wall décor range has everything to suit your fancy, from oblong mirrors to shelves, clocks, and art to paint those walls with comforting sophistication.

Key features:

  • Wide range – There are a plethora of choices to explore and dive into! We have decorative mirrors set in metal, wood and other premium materials, crafted to appeal to one’s senses. Then there are shelves to fill up those walls both metaphorically and literally, to take load off your house and hang it up those walls! It’s a win-win and makes use of the largest empty area of your house. Paintings & wall arts can also spice up any dull corner of your room too.
  • Easy way to beautify – Nowadays a lot is spent to spread expensive paints over walls and even then, the right appeal doesn’t seem to manifest. But complementing your silky walls with wall décor is a real game changer. This can really amp up your homely atmosphere and get those guests ogling in admiration towards your smart homemaking choices.

Wall décor not only reflects your style but can also boost positive energies in your household. The combination of various materials can help resonate positivity throughout your room. Every time you take a look it speaks for itself and gives you just that needed trickle of realization, that you’re alive, happy and well!


Exotic aromas to enhance and captivate

Sometimes one needs the recluse of the very basic joys that life has to offer. One of them is the pleasance of sweet smells that can take your mood from zero to hundred in no time. All sorts of heavenly delightful candles can be bought from our unique collection. Need a tinge of spice? Or sweetness of vanilla, or perhaps the lightness of musk, things are sure to get better with a good smelling room!

Key features:

  • Unique combinations – It’s wonderful what expertly mixing basic flavors can bring out! Carefully amalgamated, these one-of-a-kind blends of coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, some gourmet and or zesty lemon have the capacity to intoxicate your senses, boost relaxation and nourish your soul with just what it needs.
  • Premium quality – The basic component of any luxury candle is the wax and we have left no stones unturned to bring you the very best that can be offered. These waxes don’t burn into soot and instead melt slowly so every bit can be savored endlessly!

Our candles are not merely a luxury but can essentially transform your experience into something you didn’t know you needed. Aromatherapy has shown that it can provide the necessary improvement in mental health. Once the overall atmosphere is improved then surely that has an additional impact on your body, boosting productivity and relief.

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and scented candles, among other homely items are being provided by Clearance Group to consumers looking for both value and aesthetics. We’re driven by our goal to deliver tailored experiences through our wide range of day-to-day items. We hope to make every day lovely for you!



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