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The walnut (Juglans regia) is a fruit tree belonging to the family of the yuglandáceas and native to Persia (Himalayan region), according to some authors, or from China and Japan, according to others; it was transported to Greece and then to Italy and the other countries of Europe. 

The official cultivated species are the following: European walnut, ashen walnut, black walnut, and California walnut.

It is a very long-lived tree that exceeds 500 years of life.

The farming of walnut cannot occur if there is no least rainfall, which is around 700mm, or effective artificial irrigation. In addition, the walnut is a tree that does not stand late spring colds or too high temperatures without adequate moisture. This type of temperature can cause damage to the walnut fruit: the walnut.

Regarding the land needed to grow a walnut tree, we will say that it is a very neutral and flexible tree in this sense, although the soils preferred by this tree are deep and loose soils.

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