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Want a Lawyer at Affordable Lawyer’s Fees in Singapore?

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Criminal lawyer Singapore is offering the best representation to all those accused of a criminal offence now at just $1,800 only! This is the most competitive Lawyers’ Fees in Singapore that you can find!

This has been done because, out of all our competitors who charge high fees, and include various office charges for every proceeding, giving less regard to their client’s predicament, we understand the importance of cost-cutting for our precious clients. 

We at criminal Lawyer Singapore understand that undergoing a criminal investigation can be horrifying on various levels. Many people who are accused of criminal violence and are charged for the same find it difficult in coming to terms with the predicament they face. 

On top of it, we believe at such a point in their lives, people need to be heard carefully. Their petition needs to be thoroughly worked upon, researched in order to optimally put forth motions in the court. There are a lot of technicalities in the legal procedures as it is, and it would be heinous to even ask clients for a high fee. So, lawyers at Criminal Lawyer Singapore have decided to offer a fixed-fee service at a price that you CAN actually afford. 

In totality, for representation of your case in any level of court in Singapore, we charge only $1,800/- which includes a fixed price of $300 for the following:

First court mention ($300), All other PTCs and mentions ($300), Representations ($300), Mitigation Plea ($300), office disbursements ($300), and Comprehensive Case management System Fee –CCSM ($300). 

Moving on further to discuss the work that we do, we are known for providing the best representation to our clients in various offences that come under the category of criminal law, as it is a very diverse field and perhaps the most difficult area of legal practice. So we offer our representation in:

The white-collar offence for which you can also hire the best White Collar Criminal Lawyers in Singapore, violent offences, traffic offence which includes damaged caused and no damaged caused offence in drink driving, property offences which include theft and criminal breach of trust (CBT), drug offences, sexual offences, cybercrimes, juvenile offences, disturbance of public peace and regulatory offences. 

But, before you engage in a criminal judicial process, you must be sure that you are informed of the grounds of your arrest and know other important things such as the time the investigation takes to be completed and your rights to legal representation. 

Singapore is known to be a country having one of the most rigorous and robust criminal investigation processes.  Therefore it is important that you are fully aware of your legal rights in Singapore and consequently be aware of good and honest criminal lawyers who charge reasonable Lawyers Fees in Singapore to help you through the ever-tiring legal process!


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