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After doing all the tedious creative work of completing a feature film or a compelling documentary, the last thing one requires in an unappealing and unenthusiastic voice over. Voice is an important element of any audio or video as it helps to paint the picture of the characters and stories in the minds of the audience.

So how can you ensure a compelling read from the voice artist? First of all, pick the right voice. For this, you need to understand your requirements and also select the professional English Voice Over Artist for Audiobook or any other genre who can identify with your brand. Don’t pick a narrator just because they are a known name.

Choosing the right voice for your production also means that you determine the talent’s role. Is your voice artist playing the bold announcer? The knowledgeable educator? The elderly person living next door? Let them know the role the voice is playing. Experienced voice over actors will create their own personal backstory to get into that role and execute it with conviction.

A seasoned voice over artist will always ensure the following to deliver an engaging and energetic narration:

  • Preparation before Recording: A good voice actor will always practice to understand the depth of the character and the script before hitting the recording studio. Recording themselves before going to the studio and analyzing the demo can help voice artists to establish the right tone and deliver a smooth flow. Also, this reduces the number of retakes in the recording booth that helps in saving the time as well as money on auto-tuning and post production activities.
  • Expertise in Studio Techniques: Knowing the studio equipment beforehand can help to ease out during recordings and produce quality narration. Artists with little experience behind microphones make fidgety head movements that can ruin the recording. With an artist who has a deep understanding of studio equipment, you’ll be able to get the read in one read, with another it could take a number of shots!
  • Volume Control: It takes experience and technical expertise to have a good command on how to control the volume To level out volume fluctuations, professional voice actors know that they need to move closer to the microphone when the volume gets softer and farther as the volume gets louder. This will eventually help reduce the amount of compression needed later on.
  • Minimized Noises: Sibilance is the excessive hissing when producing S’s and F’s sounds and popping is producing extra bursts of air when pronouncing words containing P’s and B’s. While these sounds may go unnoticed in normal conversations, these are painfully obvious while recording and a good voice actor will know the right angle to reduce these traces of unwanted noises.
  • Understanding the context: If the voice artist does not know the context behind the message and is unaware about the terminologies, how will he/she breathe life into the content? To find conversational dubbing services for Hindi or other languages, you must hire voice artist who has a complete idea about what and how to deliver as they are the bridge between your brand and the listeners.

There might be certain parts of your script requiring a specific tone or accent. Go ahead, mark your script, use brackets and provide clear instructions to the voice talent. Remember to keep those emotions and tones very specific, avoiding the too-general terms. To ensure you’re happy with the finished product, take care to describe the “voice” you would like to present. The words you choose should describe the mood, style, and pacing you would like to hear in your finished product. To get an energetic performance while recording, try and give instructions on the basis of emotion, facial expression or body language to clarify how you’d like the recording to be.

Also, always provide a script that’s really ready for recording. This means that you will have to read out your script many times, look for tricky words, marking uncommon names or sentences and removing any grammatical errors. If you are looking out for experienced voice over artists, Voyzapp is a reputable voice over company that can provide you with the best quality voice recordings at a quick turnaround time and affordable prices!

Remember, that a professional voiceover actor will provide you energetic recordings with different projections, styles and approaches that will rightly fit your script and project!


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