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Today we are going to learn in-depth about axe throwing sport. We will discuss how axe throwing improves our health, the Rules and regulations of axe throwing. Let's start first I would like to tell you about axe throwing meaning in simple works. An axe throwing is very renowned sports in this sports player picks their axe and throw it toward the board. The distance between the marked line and board is approximately 12- 14 feet if the player touches the marked line, then the player will lose their chance for the player and eliminate for the turn with getting zero scores for the turn. We can play axe throwing by following the proper rules and regulations of the game. We should play axe throwing by following proper rules, techniques and skills and we should play with good quality equipment that is made of proper technique and method. Otherwise, our arm, leg or back muscles can get injured while playing. Axe throwing is the same as an archery game. There are many health benefits of axe throwing it improve our health in many ways as it helps us in releasing our stress and fresh our mind. It helps us in stay healthy and keeps active for work and any other activity. It helps improve our mental sharpness and eyes focus. It helps in making proper coordination of eyes with hand so we can hit on our targeted place. It gives us therapeutic release that can help relieve built-up stress in the body.  We can dissolve our all tension and get release it in the air by throwing an axe. It helps us improve our fitness we can lean our body. When you throw an axe into the board and it hits a bullseye; your body releases endorphins that improve your mood, increase your energy, and speeds up blood flow.

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