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Anyone who enjoys smoking high-quality tobacco products may find it a rewarding pastime to smoke a pipe. Many people consider a good bag of tobacco and a packed pipe to be one of the perfect ways to unwind after a long day. Despite the negative connotations associated with tobacco and other similar goods, many people around the world continue to consume them on a regular basis because it's enjoyable and relaxing.

The Sutliff tobacco company has a rich history as one of the oldest pipe tobacco brands in the US. Based out of Richmond, Virginia, this brand has been making fine smoking blends since 1849. Many of Sutliff's mixes are crowd favorites, but a few stand head and shoulders above the rest. With their well-known blends, stringent quality control, and storied histories, these Sutliff pipe tobaccos have earned a place among the most popular in the United States, if not the world.

Selecting the Best Tobacco
Pipe tobacco isn't all the same. To make a pipe smoking mixture, oftentimes many different types of tobacco may be blended. Below is an introduction to the most commonly used tobaccos in the creation of pipe smoking concoctions.

Virginia leaf, also known as brilliant or Brightleaf in the pipe smoking community, is a highly sought-after gourmet tobacco. To remove moisture, it was cooked at high temperatures in a furnace-heated flue-curing barn for a week to ten days. Flue-cured tobacco is given the name “Virginia” for special purposes, but the tobacco is known as Virginia regardless of where it is grown. You don't need to know where it's grown if you're looking for a specific type of Virginia, but you do need to know how it's harvested, when it's harvested, and how it's cured.

Perique is a dark blend that begins as air-cured tobacco and then goes through a special processing procedure that lasts 12 to 18 months. The packing of air-cured leaves into whiskey barrels begins the anaerobic fermentation process. Unpacking and airing the tobacco at least three times during fermentation ensures that each leaf is separated and ready to be repackaged. The taste of a leaf is significantly altered as a result of this procedure. Perique is not typically smoked alone, but is used to add deep flavor to tobacco blends. When you use Perique in a recipe, you'll notice that it has an earthy, fermented-plum, olive-and-pine flavor that is often only found in small amounts. Perique and Virginia tobacco blends are particularly popular right now.

The leaf most frequently used in pipe tobacco blends is burley. Burley's moderate flavor and nutty, chocolatey, slightly bitter taste when it is unflavored lead the majority of pipe users to believe that it is sweetened by the blender. The absence of natural sugars in burley is the result of the air curing process. Blenders greatly value chemical compositions without sugar because they give tobacconists a blank slate on which to express their creativity. Since only sugars that have been added on purpose are present, sweetness levels can be precisely controlled by blenders.

Cavendish tobacco is not a specific type of tobacco, but is used to describe any tobacco that undergoes the treatment process. Cavendish tobaccos are created by steaming tobacco and then curing it under pressure in order to unlock the natural sugars in the leaves. Cavendish blends are known for being sweet, smooth, and moist which makes them a popular option with pipe smokers.

No matter which blend you choose, smoking should be done slowly while taking in the flavors of the Sutliff pipe tobacco. Rocky's Cigars offers a wide selection of Sutliff tobacco if you need more options to fill your pipe.

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