Want to Uninstall Apps on Your Mac? Here’s How to Do So

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Do you own a Mac computer and want to remove some apps from it? Apple designs all of its gadgets with multiple advanced features and options that anyone can easily access. And along with iOS devices, Mac computers are also much popular and commonly used by millions of people all over the world. Anyone can perform any computing task on a Mac device with much ease. Also, to enhance the experience of the users, the company timely rolls out updates for the operating system on all of its devices. In the previous month, iOS 15 was made available to download for all iPhone and iPad users. And with this, the latest macOS version has also been launched, which can be easily downloaded and installed. The newest macOS version includes various advanced functionalities that aim to boost up the productivity levels of the users.

Even though uninstalling any apps on a Mac device is super easy for anyone, if you are new to this device, you might need some help. If you don’t know how you can uninstall any app on your Mac computer, you have arrived at the right place. In the following post that you will read here, you will get to see the method to perform this task. In order to get to the technique, you must read this complete article.

Uninstalling apps on a Mac device

There can be many reasons why you want to delete any app from your Mac device. It might be because you find those programs unhelpful to you, or you feel that your computing device is running sluggish because of too many apps. Whatever the reason might be, it is much straightforward for anyone to remove apps from a Mac device. Removing unwanted programs on your device will also improve its performance and will provide you with a better experience. For deleting apps on your Mac computer, you will need to follow the techniques that we have mentioned here. So, let’s see what steps you are going to follow to uninstall any app on your Mac device.

Instructions to uninstall apps on Mac 

Here are the steps to follow for uninstalling apps on a Mac device;

To get started, firstly, the user will have to open the Launchpad on their Mac computer. For this, press the Command + Space bar key and type “launchpad” in the search box.

After opening the Launchpad, the user will then press and hold the “Option” key.

Hover over to the app icon and click the “X” button.

And finally, when a pop-up appears on your screen, click the “Delete” option to complete the app deletion procedure.

Also, the user can drag an app from Launchpad into the trash to delete it.

The alternative method to uninstall an app on a Mac

You can also uninstall any app on your Mac using the Finder tool. Here’s how to proceed with this technique:

First of all, you will launch the Finder tool on your device and then click on the “Applications” option from the left sidebar.

Now, choose an app that you would like to remove and right-click on its icon. Alternatively, you can also press the Control key and click at the same time.

From the context menu that you see opening up on your screen, you will select the option of “Move to Trash.”

And then, you will be asked to enter your device’s password.

After entering the password, right-click on the trash icon from the Dock and empty it. That’s it. Now, the app will get deleted from your Mac computer.

So, this is how anyone will be able to uninstall any app installed on a Mac computer. Go on and try any of these techniques now if you also use the same device. And please keep visiting the website to stay updated.

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