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Build a database of your potential clients whether it is care homes, whether it's NHS in terms of CCGS (clinical commissioning groups), whether it is NHS hospitals that you want to work with, and that could be private sector hospitals, it could be secure units which are private as well as the
NHS mental health hospitals, you've got to look at building a database for the clients that you want to work with and that's important for you to do
because as a business owner you don't just need to be looking for contracts on a daily basis but also you've got to think about if you haven't started then what services are you going to do.

Start with these questions:

What services? – What type of services are you going to provide? Are you going to be a recruitment agency? Are you going to be a home care agency?What age group are you going to be serving?

Step 1 – Look for Contracts

One of the places to look for contracts is the government website which is called contract finder. In contracts finder you can create an account,  you can get updates of what contracts are available and what is around now. For starters, look for the lower value contracts,  you have to make sure that you're applying for contracts which is for small to medium-sized enterprises.  Contracts finder lets you search for contracts for information about contracts worth over 10 000 pound with government and its agencies.

Contracts Finder Link: https://www.gov.uk/contracts-finder

Another site is LPP which is the London Procurement Partnership, where you will find a large selection of contracts as well.

London Procurement Partnership link: https://www.lpp.nhs.uk/frameworks

Step 2 – Care Quality Commission Database

This is where you build your database of care hubs or whatever organization it is that you're looking to work with, this is one way where you can build a database of care homes that you're going to start making a call to.

Step 3 – Look at Organizations

Organizations that are registered with sponsorship for example because they're looking for staff members so you can look at providing staff members permanently to these organizations but also there's a view of meeting their short-term needs as well.

Step 4 – How to present your organization to potential clients

Proper introductory of your services, you've got to think about what wording that you're going to to say, looking at how you present yourself to potential clients is key.

Step 5 – What documentation you will need

  • You need to have terms of business in place
  • You'll need an operational operations manual
  • You'll need a mission
  • A vision statement

Step 6 – Insurance Needed

You'll also need insurance, you'll need to ensure that you've got the relevant cover

Step 7 – Staff Compliance

You need to make sure that your staff are buying, the key is to to do what they want you to do and have staff that are compliant. Compliance systems ensures that the medical and care staff can only be selected for work once they have completed a detailed registration process. All relevant employment training DBS checks and references are confirmed by the agency and the staff work record is checked again for each assignment. Without this validation the candidate is unable to work.

Step 8 – Sponsorship Guidance

There are sponsorships organizations, and you also need to think about if you are looking at recruiting staff from abroad, placing them with organizations then you need to make sure that you're aware of the compliance, and you want to make sure that they're being safeguarded as well.

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