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Warning Signs of Foundation Damage You Should Know About

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Since they often mimic harmless problems, the symptoms of foundation issues can be deceptive. For instance, are little fractures in basement walls or bricks suggestive of nothing much or the home settling into the ground? Other indications, such as door/window frames separating from masonry or doors that are not square, are not even close to the foundation. Sometimes a professional is the only one who can determine whether a foundation issue exists and has to be fixed immediately. 

Many homeowners ask, is it safe to live in a house with foundation problems? The answer is no. 

These are 10 indicators of potential foundation issues:

#1. Exterior cracks 

Small, little fractures on the steps or outside walls are typically nothing to be concerned about. Broad, zigzag outside fissures may indicate an issue with the foundation. Check any brick cracks or bricks that are sticking out from the wall. 

However, it is important to note that not all external cracks are scary. Some, if not all pose no danger. By reading this guide, you’ll also know when to worry about foundation problems

#2. Interior sheetrock cracks 

When internal sheetrock cracks are zig-zagging and almost the height of the wall, the homeowner should be suspicious of a problem. Also, if the wallpaper is coming loose from the wall or there are gaps between the wall and ceiling, they should bring in a contractor.

#3. Doors Out of Square and Uneven Floors

After a few years of settling, very few houses are straight, but a door that is seriously out of square and has fractures in the wall above it needs to be examined. Many owners of apparently sound homes have flooring that is so uneven that when water is spilled on them, the water rolls in one way. A homeowner should be concerned if the floor slopes over a couple of inches every 15 feet.

#4. Door Frame/Window Frame Separation From Brick

One of the most obvious signs that the foundation is unstable is a window or door frame that is separating from the brick wall

#5. Rotten Wood – Pier & Beams

In addition to a poor foundation, decaying wood on piers and beams can indicate several other issues that require investigation. There may be excessive dampness in the basement or crawlspace problems, a flood, or termites or carpenter ants have destroyed the piers and beams. Piers and beams made of rotten wood are never good indicators.

#6. Bouncing Floors – Rotten Wood

Bouncy flooring and rotted timber are likely indicators of more serious problems than foundation issues. A specialist should inspect the flooring to see if they feel like trampolines.

#7. Tile cracks 

Although quite durable after being burned at high temperatures, tiles remain fragile. A variety of factors can cause cracks in tiles. There may be a problem with the foundation if there are excessive cracks in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere tiles.

#8. Expansion joint separation  

A structure has an expansion joint built to account for movement brought on by the earth's moving, changes in temperature, humidity, wind, and other occurrences. The failure of the expansion joint due to a deteriorating foundation might result in extensive cracking. On the other hand, a faulty expansion joint might lead to the collapse of the foundation.

#9. Expansion joint separation  

Expansion will tell you how common are foundation problems. Even while the look of a few nails poking out of drywall could be unharmful and simple to correct, a professional should be summoned if it is prevalent.

#10. Walls pulling away from the house 

If a homeowner observes an external wall really peeling away from the house, they should immediately contact a building contractor. The wall may fall down if this isn't corrected.

The homeowner should contact a building contractor if they see more than a couple of these 10 warning signs of foundation concerns.


There you have it: all the warning signs for foundation problems that you should keep an eye out for. Now that you know this much, you should know who to call for foundation issues. If you’re facing any issues that may suggest foundation problems, contact Zavza Seal LLC today. You can call in today to get a free estimate on their services.


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