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Wash Away your Facial kp with this Keratosis Pilaris Face Wash

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Who doesn't love skin that is beautiful, smooth and radiant? But sometimes, you may end up having some skin woes that make your dream of smooth skin difficult. One such skin condition is keratosis pilaris. Though you are beautiful with all your skin flaws and scars, certain conditions are manageable with some skin care products and you can use them to treat and manage your skin. Because we understand that you find some conditions unwelcoming like keratosis pilaris. 

Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition where you develop some bumps and patches on your skin. This happens because there is an excessive production of a skin protein called keratin. This excessive production actually blocks our hair follicles which in turn results in the formation of these pesky bumps. It is medically unharming. Usually, it occurs in arms and legs but sometimes, in some cases, keratosis pilaris, commonly called chicken skin, develops on the face too. 

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no medical treatment that can cure keratosis pilaris in a go. But it is medically proven that exfoliating is of crucial importance to manage kp. Exfoliating helps in unclogging of the blocked hair follicles. That is why, when you use exfoliating products, you can manage your skin better including kp. 

Touch's keratosis pilaris face wash is one such exfoliating face wash that provides you with the most effective solution for your facial kp. This is the best face wash for kp because its formulation and concentration is apt for managing the symptoms and reducing them to give you a radically transformed skin that you'll love. This kp face wash is formulated and made specifically to manage kp but the ingredients are so good that they take care of other skin issues like acne, dull skin, uneven textures and more. 

To fight facial kp, glycolic acid and salicylic acid are the best ingredients! These acids have myriad benefits for the skin and are considered a blessing in the world of skin care. And good news is that these acids are worthy of balancing kp. And also, the best part is that both these acids are present in this kp face wash

The apt concentration of both these acids combined in a gentle surfactant blend along with ingredients that protect the skin and do not strip the natural oils makes this the best face wash for kp. As exfoliating acids are sensitive to pH levels, Touch ensures that this face wash is below pH 4. This makes sure that the effectiveness does not fade. 

This face wash provides you with a gentle exfoliation. You will be able to reduce your kp symptoms including those bumps, red patches and others and make it unnoticeable after a few washes. Look for this keratosis pilaris face wash on www.mytouchskincare.com

How to deal with facial kp? Choose this kp face wash and voila! The symptoms will be reduced and you'll get smooth skin! 


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