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Waste Management Techniques you need to know about

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Population is increasing all around the world day by day. With the growing population, pollution is also increasing as we speak. Even the space is polluted nowadays. As a result of this pollution Climate change is occuring so fast. Pollution is making the world unstable. People are throwing waste into nature without knowing its consequences. Many factories are polluting the land and sea with chemical wastes and killing many organisms. 

We need to make a change to this by dealing with the waste that is produced at our home. There are numerous things that may be reused in the waste. many things may be reduced and recycled. There are many ways waste or garbage can be treated , so it won’t pollute nature. A lot of things happen after a Waste management company picks up your garbage. So there are certain waste management techniques that we need to know about.

The 3 R's ; reduce , Reuse and recycle are constantly accomplished in these approaches. If a waste product can not be recycled or reused then it is reduced into something beneficial. For example food waste cannot be reused or recycled but it can be reduced into manure by composting and can be used as organic fertilisers for agricultural purposes.There are many steps involved in waste management. Waste separation is one of those steps. So next time when you throw away something into a waste bin , make sure to put the recyclable items into a recyclable bin and non-recyclable and nonrecyclable bins.

These waste management methods also can be used to create Heat and electricity. So we can create usable energy by reducing the garbage we throw into the bins. Even if the Waste is reusable it can be converted into a form of energy and that energy can be used for good.


Recycling is one of the best Waste management methods. It not only reduces the waste, but also the work needed to produce something suitable for consumption. not the entirety may be recycled. Plastics, paper, and glass are primary items that may be recycled. Most Bin hire companies will separate recyclable items from what cannot be recycled. So next time when you throw away your trash try to separate recyclable from non recyclable. 


Biological Reprocessing

This process is only applicable to those organic wastes such as food waste, plants , papers, biodegradable products , etc. These wastes degrade into organic waste and can be used as fertilisers for agricultural purposes. Methane Is produced as a result of biological reprocessing , and this can be used for creating heat and electricity. 


Dump in a Sanitary Landfill

A well designed engineering method that involves dumping of garbage into a place which will not contaminate the surroundings due to its design. It has a levelling system, In which the bottom layer has the volume which gets bigger on the way up. Due to this volume difference the land does not collapse. The bottom layer is the innermost layer , it is made up of clay and dense plastic to prevent contamination. Next layer is a drainage system which takes the fluids to treatment plants , after that there is a gas collection system, which collects the Methane that is decomposed from the garbage and uses it to produce heat and electricity. Then last the garbage which is covered with clay or plastic.

But this method needs regular maintenance to reduce the odour and to keep the gases and liquid under control. If these gases get leaked it can cause harm to those who breathe it , so safety measures are needed. Also small countries cannot adapt this methods due to the lack of land.



Waste to Energy


The method of creating Heat and electricity from non recyclable waste. This method can be used to create energy and can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels thus reducing carbon emission.



Composting is a natural process that breaks down organic waste and turns it into rich manure that can be used to improve the quality of the soil in your garden. You can even make composting at home, and use it as a fertiliser for plants. So don’t throw away organic waste , convert it into compost. So you can reduce the waste as well as use it as a fertiliser. 



It is a cost effective way to get rid of pollution using friendly microbes. It is an eco-friendly method which converts toxic substances into non-toxic substances. But it takes a longer time compared to other methods. 



This process makes heat , gas and ash from the waste materials. Countries with small land masses can easily adapt to this process. No bad smell or methane gas is produced from this method. Also the heat destroys every chemical and dangerous pathogens present in the waste material. Nowadays incinerators have a full computerised monitoring system , so if something goes wrong it can be found out and get fixed quickly. The burning of waste material creates a heat energy source which can be use dto create electricity. 


Plasma Gasification

A process which uses ionised gases called plasma to convert carbon based wastes into fuel. This process can be used to treat Hazardous waste into no hazardous waste. It consists of high temperature and lack of oxygen , so it does stop the build up of toxic compounds. This is an ecologically clean process.


It is crucial to keep up with the modern waste problem so we can find a management solution for that. Modern waste requires modern waste management solutions. We need to make our environment safe for not onl;y humans but also for other living organisms. Because the earth does not belong to us, it belongs to every animal and creature that exists on earth. So it is our duty to clean our planet. To reduce pollution and to make a better world for us and for the coming generation we need to control this garbage problem of ours. We need to stop throwing away waste and start to be a responsible human being.



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