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If you consider yourself a watch enthusiast, you’re always looking to learn more about your favorite timepieces. Whether you’re looking for a lovely gold watch for women, a silver watch for men, or a retro digital watch, being familiar with every detail is essential for determining which features are most important to you. Here’s a brief glossary of basic watch anatomy and the materials they’re made from to help you find a design you love.


Also known as the bracelet or strap, depending on its design, the watch band can be two separate bands or straps that secure the watch to your wrist. A bracelet is a single piece of material with a clasp or buckle to help you get the perfect fit. It can be a metal bracelet made of alloy or stainless steel or a strap made of leather or silicone.


A watch’s case houses its most important features and protects the gears, movement, dial, and the other elements that keep it ticking.


This is the clear cover of a watch’s face or dial. The crystal is often made from plastic, glass, mineral glass, and sometimes, even crystal.


The bezel is the circular feature of the watch that circles the crystal. It is usually made from metal and is available in a variety of finishes.


The term “chronograph” refers to a few different parts. For digital watches, it’s simply the stopwatch function. It is also the name for the knobs on the outside of the watch that control the stopwatch function. Classic sport watches for men commonly feature this design element.


Often the sole knob on a watch, or the one that’s usually the largest, middle knob. The crown is usually used to set the time and date and to wind watches that require periodic winding.


The hands are the moving markers that indicate the time according to their position on the face. Analog wristwatches (those with hands, as opposed to digital watches with the time displayed as numerals on a screen) feature an hour hand and a minute hand; some also include a second hand.


The face or dial of the watch is the portion with the hour markings, subdials, and signature where the hands move.


Some analog watches feature jewels, often small rubies and sapphires, to reduce the friction of the gears in the movement of the watch.


The signature is the name of the watch brand on the face, the model of the watch, and all other brand information included on the watch face.


Subdials are smaller dials within the watch’s face. They usually provide additional information like the month, year, and sometimes even specific details like the phase of the moon.


The tachymeter is a watch’s feature that allows the watch user to measure speed; some can also be used to measure distance.

With all these terms under your belt, you can shop for a new watch and consider every detail possible. In the end, that means you get to find the perfect new watch to add to your collection.

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