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Lost wrist watches, according to signs, threaten the former owner with troubles. But remember that their degree depends on you. You can accept what happened as an inevitability, or you can – as a timely warning. The world is hinting that you are doing the wrong thing . Consider if this really matters to you.


Negligent attitude to Watch Industries

Return of the past . For a woman or a man, it can be either an unpleasant person (former colleagues or friends, former halves), or the situation in watch store near me general (conflicts, deceptions, troubles at work). If you are thinking of a new business , it is better to postpone it – loss does not bode well. Due to Watch store near me a  and work, material problems may begin . By themselves, all these predictions are not critical. The main thing is to arm yourself with understanding, and get out of the piled-up problems with honor. Only through crises do we grow up, remember this.


Is it possible to wear someone else's wristwatch:

The answer to this question is ambiguous. It is possible or not – depends on the circumstances. Watches are a personal accessory, like wedding rings, they absorb the energy of their owner. If you do not want to take on other people's problems and karma, it is better to refrain from wearing other people's watches. Having bought a worn watch from your hands, you run the risk of getting someone else's as an appendix to your difficulties. If you decide to wear the watch of a deceased relative whom you know well, the question is twofold. It is believed that inherited jewelry and accessories can become a powerful talisman and amulet. But here it is important that you know well the life of the deceased person and do not feel rejection when you pick up the watch. The main thing : you cannot sell or donate the inherited watch – this can lead to trouble. If you don't like the received accessory, just put it in a box and put it off until watch store near me better times – perhaps the next heir will like them. Where is the best place to hang a device for measuring time Happy, as they say, do not watch the clock. But we live in a world where it is important to navigate in time in order to keep up with Watch store near me work, school, make appointments with other people and generally calculate your daily routine. But did you know that there are clock-friendly and unfavorable zones in the house? Let's figure out where it is better to hang a clock in an apartment so as not to cause trouble.

Let's start with the places where it is better to do without a watch:

In the nursery . It’s not even about superstition, but about the comfort of the baby. The ticking of the clock can irritate and unnerve the child, and interfere with his sleep. And kids don't need to know the exact time. If you want your child, as they say, to learn to value time from a young age or the child is already a teenager, it is better to select the quietest mechanisms with large arrows of bright colors. In the bedroom , especially above the bed. This room can be called almost sacred in the house. This is a place of complete relaxation, and the ticking of the clock will remind you of business and Watch store near me worries. Therefore, it is better to leave the bedroom without this accessory, and the time can always be viewed on a wristwatch or on a mobile phone. Opposite the front door . It is believed that such an arrangement of the clock will lead to problems. And there is no great practical sense in such an arrangement. Before leaving the house, you need to look around to look at the time, and upon returning, there is no need to immediately glance at the clock. Also, the issue of placing an accessory can be viewed from the point of view of Feng Shui philosophy . It not only distributes in which zones they should be hung, but also in what form and in what material the watch should be made. What does the ancient Eastern teaching say about the clock in the house? First of all, the zone where the clock is located corresponds to a certain element. And it is important that the material for making the accessory does not conflict with the essence of the element.

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