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Way To Keep Your Ice From Melting In The Ice Box Cooler

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Well, sometimes, when you're camping or going to a picnic, you may have a question about how to keep your ice dry for a long time in Ice Box Cooler

Well, things like Ice Box Cooler or Ice Chest Cooler are themselves known for the Best Ice Retention. But still, in this article, we have covered so many ways to keep ice from melting in the Ice Box Cooler, which is as follows:

Pre-chill your cooler and the items that you will store in it

The best way to keep your ice cooler for longer is to chill your cooler before you put the fresh ice into it. This can be done by adding ice to the cooler a few hours or even a day in advance and allowing it to cool as long as possible. 

Once you are ready to go, this will prolong the shelf life of your fresh ice. To preserve your ice, you can freeze water bottles and non-carbonated drinks. Make sure that all items are well-chilled before placing them in the cooler. Do not place hot, room temperature beverages or food in the cooler. Instead, freeze or chill them as soon as you can.

As an alternative to cubed ice, use larger ice blocks

Large ice blocks have a greater surface area than smaller cubes, which is a benefit. Larger ice blocks melt much more slowly than cubed ice. An empty milk carton can be used as a mold to make DIY ice blocks. Then fill the container with water, allowing it to expand. Once frozen, place in a freezer bag. After it has frozen, take the carton out and place it in your portable cooler. They are heavy, but they will last longer and perform better.

Wrap your cooler in a wet towel

Wrap the cooler in a light-colored towel and place it under the shade. The water will evaporate as the towel is exposed to the wind. The towel will become colder as the water evaporates. This will keep your cooler at a lower temperature and make your ice last longer.

Get organized with your cooler

Warm air will flow through your cooler as you open and close it. This heat will melt the ice faster. To reduce the time that the lid is open, organize your cooler with the items you use most often. Strategically organizing your cooler will make it easier to open each door.

Place your cooler on the ground

You might want to bury your cooler in the ground if you are camping for more than a few days. Although it may seem strange, cool soil will keep the temperature stable for longer periods of time. Make sure to only bury it three-quarters of the way and that you choose a sunny spot.

As the water melts, empty the cooler

Contrary to what you might think, water should be kept in the cooler. Convection heat transfer is more efficient than water and can cause the ice to melt faster. Your ice will melt slower if you remove the water from its accumulation.

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