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There isn't much time left till Ramadan 2023.

Many of us look forward to Ramadan for its spiritual and social benefits to our lives, so we must prepare enough to make the most of this holy month.

Ramadan Flowers are often given and received during the holy month of Ramadan.

Set clear intentions

The positive activities of a Muslim are always based on a sincere and powerful niyyah (also written niyyah). One's niyyah guarantees their worship is done for the proper motives and with the best possible effort.

Some good intentions during Ramadan include giving to those in need, breaking bad habits, and prioritizing time with loved ones. Keeping a niyyah notebook is an excellent approach to record and reflect on your goals and aspirations.

It is possible to make this Ramadan a month of exceptional devotion to God, which applies first and mainly to our motivations.

Make a balanced worship plan.

After deeply pondering your Ramadan goals, it's time to assemble a worship schedule.

You may include:

  • Objectives for reading from the Qur'an.
  • Doing additional taraweeh prayers.
  • Making dua for loved ones.
  • Donating a part of your annual zakat into a more meaningful worship experience.

Important events like the weekly jummah prayers, the last ten nights of the month, and Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Power) may be worked into your schedule with some forethought.

If you start to feel exhausted in the middle of the month, using this strategy may help you get back on track and focus on what's important.

Send some holiday cheer to your neighbors and those in need.

During Ramadan, Muslims gather to support one another and honor the wonderful traditions of Islamic devotion.

Remember to pray for each other and exchange stories at iftar and Taraweeh when we get together.

Consideration should also be given to those of our brethren throughout the globe who are less fortunate than ourselves and unable to celebrate Ramadan in the same manner that we do. Make this Ramadan a time of increased altruism since the spiritual impact of your good deeds is certain to be amplified throughout this holy month.


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