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What are your first mental images of the month of March? The beginning of Spring is a good estimate, of course. However, there is another reason why March is significant: On March 8th of each year, people all over the globe take time to honour the incredible women in their lives by celebrating International Women's Day.

One of the most common tokens of appreciation for women on this special day is a bouquet of flowers, though there are many other methods to show your admiration. After all, nothing beats a bouquet of fresh flowers to honour the ladies in our lives. We know what you're going to say: flowers are the best method to celebrate ladies on March 8th and every other day too!

International Women’s Day

What started in the early 1900s as a commemoration of the economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women has developed into a worldwide phenomenon. The goal of International Women's Day is to encourage greater gender equity through a global day of commemoration and education.

International Women's Day 2022's hashtag will be #BreakTheBias. In their own words, “whether intentional or implicit, prejudice makes it challenging for women to progress ahead,” the site explains. In other words, it is not enough to simply recognise the existence of prejudice; rather, steps must be taken to eliminate it.

Colors associated with International Women's Day include purple, green, and white. These hues were first used by the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) in the United Kingdom in 1908, and they continue to represent equality, respect, and optimism today.

How to Support International Women's Day in 5 Simple Approaches

Given the significance of this day to women everywhere, it is essential that we talk about it with due regard and grace. Pay special attention to the role that florals play in commemorating and recognising women's achievements and strength. Here are five business strategies that can help:

Create Custom Arrangements

In honour of International Women's Day, create a number of unique bouquets in purple, green, and white. Countless possibilities await you as you arrange flowers into works of art; take your time to make each one truly remarkable.

Raise Awareness Online

Bring attention to International Women's Day by promoting it on your website and social media. Write an uplifting piece about women's rights, gender equity, and strength for your site, and highlight how sending flowers is a lovely way to honour the amazing women in people's lives. After that, you can send people to a website specifically devoted to your flowers for International Women's Day.

Share Inspiring Quotes and Messages

Make a series of uplifting social media posts for International Women's Day by compiling a collection of quotations about women's empowerment. A quick online search will yield hundreds of these quotations. Schedule your messages to go out frequently in the weeks building up to March 8th; design them in purple, green, and white. Print a selection of quotation cards to incorporate into your centrepieces: This floral arrangement is already unique, but a thoughtful statement will make it even more meaningful.

Design a Targeted Email Campaign

An effective email marketing strategy should follow after you've finalised your customised packages, special offers, coupons, and website pages. Send a sequence of letters to your target audience in the weeks building up to Women's Day. Elite clients, one-time buyers, magazine and email users, customers who browsed but didn't buy, and any other criteria you care to specify are all valid ways to divide up your customer database. Promote your special orders and discounts by emailing your customers. However, don't make this all about the raises: Spread out your marketing letters with some that focus on International Women's Day and include motivational quotations and facts about the holiday.

Offer Free Delivery

Delivering your Women's Day flowers is a surefire method to boost sales, even more so than any reductions you may be providing. When faced with additional fees, as many as 80% of online shoppers back out. So, use a pop-up to give free shipping if the buyer finishes their purchase within a certain time frame if they were on your site but ceased interacting with it. Targeted emails providing free shipping to consumers who abandoned their carts are another option.

These suggestions are by no means exhaustive, but we hope they will be helpful as you make preparations to publicise your International Women's Day floral arrangements. Plus, if you have a great plan to get the word out about this significant day, please share it with us so we can tell our viewers about it.


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