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Ways in which activism can give your career a real boost

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Do you want to help improve the world a little bit? Do you want to fight for those without a voice or use your abilities to make a difference?

Being an activist can help you land a fantastic job in the future, pursue your interests and give you a happy, fuzzy feeling. Activism fosters the growth of many crucial qualities that companies adore; you do not necessarily need to pursue a career in politics or campaigning for these skills to be valuable. No matter what work function you pick, here are, 5 ways activism may advance your career.

It will help you in becoming a true leader.

What problem interests you? Street harassment, poverty, homelessness, and climate change? Whatever it may be, organizing a campaign to spread awareness of the issue can provide you with some excellent work-related skills. Starting your campaign shows potential employers you have extraordinary leadership abilities and initiative. 

It can make you a pro presenter. 

Participating in the Youth Parliament is a fantastic method to gain confidence and debate skills. Additionally, you'll improve your presentation skills, which will look great on your first CV.

It will enhance your problem-solving skills.

How do activists work? Activism can occur anywhere and does not necessarily have to be a noisy political demonstration. Why not think about joining the politics club or school council? You can improve your problem-solving abilities by persuading your classmates to care about various issues, then coming up with solutions. 

It may improve your communication skills.

You might decide to volunteer with your local council if you're interested in improving your community for the locals. You must master the art of effective communication and attentive listening if you want to understand the concerns and troubles that your neighbors are facing.

You will learn how to be flexible as a result.

It is not always simple to be an activist. You can encounter several setbacks or disappointments, such as when it's challenging to persuade people to support your cause or when your campaign hashtag is not quite trending. When things do not go as planned, though, there is a valuable lesson to be learned: activism can help you become more adaptive. 

Of course, determining where to begin might be difficult when you are just getting started. Consequently, the first thing you must do is to comprehend what some of the most significant activists are performing. Take a look at the accomplishments of renowned activist Angelo Ricardo Pinto.

In addition to being an activist, Pinto has worked as an entrepreneur, educator, lawyer, policy strategist, an authority on criminal justice, public speaker, and more. He is a founder and senior strategist with Justice League NYC, a group of experts, artists, and former inmates that advocate for juvenile justice and criminal justice. The social justice group “The Gathering for Justice,” formed by Harry Belafonte, has brought them together under its banner.

Pinto is still serving as the campaign manager for the Correctional Association of New York's Raise the Age campaign, which was instrumental in shedding focus on the cases of Kalief Browder and the Exonerated 5. Pinto worked extraordinarily hard and nonstop throughout the campaign, successfully changing the legislation in New York to prevent 16 and 17-year-olds from being detained as adults or charged as adults.

And these are only a handful of his numerous accomplishments throughout the years. Pinto has fought for a method to pursue justice for our social order in his way; now, we must decide how to assist him through our respective forms of activism effectively.


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