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Pairing AirPods and an Apple Watch should be automatic. However, if it is not so, then you can try some fixes to pair them automatically.

The tech giant Apple has made it easy for everyone to connect any hardware device to any other. It includes Apple Watch and AirPods. You can entirely forgo your iPhone when you connect the Apple-made earbuds to your smartwatch while listening to your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, or songs. Here’s how you can fix some common issues when connecting your AirPods to your Apple Watch.

The AirPods and Apple Watch two are both hugely popular in their respective markets. When looking at a large number of active iPhone users, it is somewhat expected, especially when you consider it easy for iPhone users to connect any accessory such as an Apple Watch or AirPods. Even though you can connect the two to an iPhone, the two can also be paired together.

Apple Watch users don’t need to pair AirPods to an Apple Watch. According to the tech giant, the two products are explicitly designed to work together from the beginning, and that too seamlessly. Essentially, when you pair a set of AirPods Pro or AirPods with an iPhone, the gadgets will be paired automatically with any Apple Watch that is paired to the same iPhone. Therefore, you can start playing your favorite music on your Apple Watch. Here, your AirPods will know which device automatically plays the audio.

Connect AirPods To Apple Watch Manually

Even though there is no need to connect your AirPods to your Apple Watch, still, if it happens, some issues can arise. If you have AirPods and Apple Watch and the two devices are not connected, you can manually connect them. It is very similar to the method you use to connect any other  Bluetooth device to your Apple Watch. You need to put your AirPods into Bluetooth mode and then press and hold the button appearing on the back of the case until its light starts to flash white.

 After then, click on the Settings app appearing on the Apple Watch and then click on Bluetooth. Now, your Apple Watch will start searching for any Bluetooth accessories that are nearby. You will need to choose your AirPods when it appears on the list. In some, you may be asked to enter your PIN or passkey to confirm your connection.

If there are still issues while connecting the two, you need to make sure if some other features do not play any role in preventing the accessories from pairing up. For example, make sure that if you have not left the Airplane Mode on, it can stop pairing the accessories. Likewise, you may find AirPods connected in the Bluetooth list, but in actuality, the two may not be connected. In this case, it is worth unpairing the two devices and then connecting them again.

At last, keep a watch on the latest updates available for the Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone as well. The latest updates that Apple announces give insight into fixing the issues or updating your Apple devices to their latest version. For example, recently, the tech giant brings an update showing users how to update their Apple Watch to the latest watchOS version. Such updates make your devices much more efficient and your life convenient and make these devices accessible on a broader scale.

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