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Sometimes studying seems pointless and monotonous. Daily extended periods spent in the same location staring at textbooks and notebooks are not particularly mentally stimulating. But one of the best ways to bring some natural beauty and life into your study room is to decorate it with some live plants and flowers. This will add some color to your study sessions and increase the enjoyment of working hard hours. Here are a few incredibly simple ways to use flowers and plants to spruce up your workspace:

Place a small potted plant on your desk

Keeping a little potted plant on your desk while you work is one easy method to add a bit of nature to your study area. Succulents, peace lilies, snake plants, or pothos vines are a few excellent choices for desk plants that you can get from your neighborhood Bronx florist. These plants do not need a lot of sunlight and require very little maintenance. A little plant placed just in front of you will add some visual appeal and a calming touch as you concentrate on your task.

Hang trailing plants from shelves above your desk

You can make use of the vertical space if you have shelves above your desk area by hanging some plants that trail downward, such as philodendrons, pothos, or English ivy. Use hanging pots or baskets to provide the plants somewhere to overflow on the sides. Watching the vines grow will give your study session a jungle-like vibe.

Place a tabletop flower arrangement

Another nice way to incorporate flowers into your space in a contained way is with a tabletop flower arrangement. You can create your own DIY arrangement using small pots of flowers from a nearby florist new rochelle ny, greenery, and other decorative accents in an aesthetically pleasing design. Place the arrangement in the center of your desk or workspace to add a pop of colorful beauty. Just be sure to change out the flowers every few weeks as they wilt so they stay fresh.

Displayed cut flowers in a vase

Rather than a full arrangement, you could also showcase just a simple bouquet of cut flowers in a vase for an effortless way to bring floral decoration. Look for long-lasting flower varieties like roses, sunflowers, or tulips that will last at least a week before wilting. Position the vase of blooms anywhere on your work surface or desktop shelves to add a pleasant floral scent as you study.

Utilize wall space with framed plant photos

If you do not have surface space for real potted plants on your desk, using framed photos of plants is another nice option to incorporate greenery into your study area decor. Find photos of beautiful gardens, tropical foliage, or close-up flower shots and display them in frames on the wall space above or near your desk. This will give the pleasing appearance of plants without requiring ongoing care of live ones.

Place potted trees or tall floor plants nearby

For larger live plants, consider putting taller, fuller specimen potted trees or plants near your workstation, even if they sit on the floor versus your desk surface itself. Dwarf date palms and fig trees are two small indoor trees that can give a room height and refinement. Another option would be to try tall, upright plants like dracaena, bamboo, or fiddle-leaf fig trees. Their height and lushness will make your study space feel more inviting.

Even just one or two small live plants on your desk can make a difference, but experiment with different arrangements until you find a look you really love. The beauty of florals and foliage from Flowerland NYC is sure to enhance your work sessions over time- order flower delivery in Bronx NY!



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