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If you face a screenflickering issue on your Windows 10 PC and want to stop it, stay with this post. This post will help you fix the screen flickering problem. The problem may be because of an outdated or corrupt display driver. However, an incorrect refresh rate can also create a screen flickering issue. After all, if you want to solve this problem, you must first find the actual cause and then act accordingly. You may need to consider an update or replacement of the driver or that particular app that creates the problem on your computer. You may also need to choose an appropriate refresh rate. 

What is screen flickering in Windows 10?

When screen flickering occurs on a PC, the monitor faces continuous flashing or flickering. The monitor behaves like turning on and off. A particular app, setting, and taskbar can also flicker a monitor screen.  

Why does the screen flicker in Windows 10?    

There can be many reasons like faulty display drivers, problematic apps, and inappropriate refresh rate behind a screen flickering on a Windows 10 PC. Faulty drivers and inappropriate refresh rate cause flickering for the whole screen. And a problematic app causes flickering for some particular components. 

The graphics drivers are responsible for the operations executed on the monitor. That is why a problematic driver can create problems for the display. If the refresh rate on a monitor has been set wrongly, that can also be a reason for the flickering screen. A device screen requires a specific refresh rate to allow operations smoothly. If the problem is associated with some particular elements of your computer, you can delete or uninstall those elements from the computer. You can also try updating the apps. 

Fixing screen flickering in Windows 10

You can troubleshoot the screen flickering issue once you conclude it in separate categories. Go to your computer and confirm what the monitor actually faces while flickering. After you are ready, try the below troubleshooting methods.

  • If the problem is with the Task Manager, try turning the PC off and on. Use shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+Escto access the Task Manager. If the flickering still occurs with the remaining display, see the next step; otherwise, skip the next one.
  • Set a reasonable refresh rate for the monitor. Go to the refresh rate setting and make sure that it should match with the screen’s refresh rate. You can also try a different refresh rate. 
  • Consider an update for the graphics drivers. If you find any latest update, let the driver install it. 
  • Uninstall the existing driver and install the previous one. 

Fixing screen flickering caused by apps in Windows 10

  • Find the apps that are known for screen flickering, including Norton Antivirus and iCloud. 
  • Consider an update for problematic apps.
  • If an update doesn’t work in fixing the problem, you can uninstall them.
  • Go for a system restore. As you first notice the problem, go and check for any restore point for the system. If you think a system restore can fix the screen flickeringissue, do it. A system restore helps in uninstalling apps that you have downloaded after that date. The uninstalling process may also remove the problematic apps. 

Source: Ways To Fix Screen Flickering Issues In Windows 10.


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