Ways to Locate Underground Utilities in Denver

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Underground utilities refer to the various infrastructures of cables and pipes that transport or transmit any facility, either water, gas, internet, telephone lines, or even electricity used basically by utility providers. For situations in which a house owner decides to dig into the ground, there is a great risk of them hitting any underground infrastructure; it is, therefore, necessary to locate buried power lines in Denver to avoid any complications that might arise from coming in contact with them. Cutting or hitting any of these utilities accidentally can be quite dangerous, and the cost of repairing can be quite exorbitant.

Starting a digging process without checking or confirming if there are underground services in your home, even for minor work such as building a new fence, can be a big problem. Therefore, before starting a digging process, you must consult any utility locating companies in Denver. These locating companies have experts specializing in finding those underground utilities, as it is quite important to work with these experienced companies to ensure the maximum and secured outcome. They assist in determining the position of these infrastructures, as it is quite necessary to know the precise location of utility lines before the digging process kicks off.  However, to find buried utilities in Colorado Springs, modern technologies aid the viewing of the building space without digging up the ground.

The utility locating companies in Denver use improved and advanced technologies, maps, non-invasive devices such as ground-penetrating devices, and blueprints to locate various hidden underground utilities.  These intelligent devices implemented by these companies discharge signals that are then reflected by the materials in which the underground utilities are made from, after which the reflected signals are interpreted by the instrument and the various services are located and then communicated to the operators who would carry out the excavation process to avoid hitting those utilities. However, listed below are the ways to locate these underground utilities.

Site Visitation and Check:

To find buried utilities in Colorado Springs, the first step to take is to visit the area in which you plan on excavating. Research has shown that above 50 percent of homeowners do not contact the right experts before starting an excavation project. These services might not seem harmless, but they can be dangerous and harmful when eventually tampered with. Therefore, before starting to dig, endeavor to check out the site you want to work on.

The Use of Underground Cable Location Devices:

Just checking through the site is not the most accurate way to locate buried power lines in Denver and other underground utilities. Therefore, cable locating devices should be implemented to have a precise site service to point out the infrastructures on site. Cable locator devices consist of two parts, the transmitter and the receiver. To use this device to find buried utilities in Colorado Springs, it is advisable to contact an expert or professional knowledgeable about operating the devices and avoid marking wrong location points.   


Potholing can be described as a method of site investigation in which exploratory holes are drilled to expose underground facilities. Several utility locating companies in Denver use this method before starting any digging project, as they give accurate details to the exact location of these underground utilities. There are three techniques involved in potholing,

*Hand digging


*Vacuum Excavation

These methods help to provide insights into the location and particular depth of the infrastructures for a safe excavation process. To determine the location of underground utilities, this is one of the best methods applicable to avoid hitting sensitive services.   


Several utility lines and infrastructures are placed underground, unlike before in which they have been strung above. All these infrastructures, such as telephone lines, gas and power line, and cable lines, are buried very deep into the ground. However, when digging to locate buried power lines in Denver without calling the necessary services in charge, it can disrupt the service of the entire neighborhood and cause harm to everyone around.


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