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Wazirx Clone – Launch A World-class P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

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Nowadays cryptocurrency platforms are booming high in the world. Many crypto enthusiasts invest in these platforms. If you wanna become a successful cryptopreneur, start making money by developing a crypto exchange platform like wazirx which gives more business benefits & profits than other business models.

Here, I will explain the complete features and functionalities of the Wazirx clone script, so stick until the end

Now, let us get started to know how to create an exchange like wazirx?

In general, we can start a wazirx-like cryptocurrency trading platform via 2 simple steps

  1. i) Create the Wazirx-like crypto exchange from scratch
  2. ii) Use the Wazirx clone script

Wazirx clone script 

Wazirx clone script is the p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform using a crypto exchange like wazirx. The wazirx clone script is the exact replica of the wazirx exchange.wazirx clone script is an Indian-based cryptocurrency platform. Users can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies. 

Wazirx clone app development

Wazirx clone app is a crypto exchanges platform like wazirx. it has all advantages and features included in both android and ios platforms. Wazirx clone application development service will provide you with your dream Wazirx like Crypto Exchange.

What are the features in the wazirx clone script?

Trading Bot

The trading bot allows users to have an automated buying and selling process. It is an automated program that gets executed in pre-defined conditions.

Real-Time Price Tracker

A real-time price tracker allows users to compare the cryptocurrency's price, trade volumes, and live cryptocurrency statistics. This feature is an added advantage to the users.

Reviews & Ratings

The admin is enhanced to interact with the user's feedback to improve the cryptocurrency exchange like wazirx. The more user-friendly the crypto exchange, the more users it will attract.

Admin Panel

These features provide the exchange admin to monitor all trading activities. It is useful to track any fraud activities.

Cold Wallets

These features provide free mass storage and management to your cryptocurrencies for security in multiple ways. Cold wallets are highly secure compared to hot wallets.

Atomic Swap

Atomic swap is the swap of cryptocurrencies in separate blockchains. The exchange is carried out between two parties without intervention from a third party.

Multi-language Support

Users across the globe are trading the wazirx-like crypto exchange platform. so multi-languages are supported in the cryptocurrency platform.

KYC/AML Verification

These crucial features in the crypto exchange platform help to confirm user identity and risk values.KYC/AML verification is the mandatory process included in the script. 

OTC Trading

Otc trading is the decentralized market in which market participants' currencies, commodities, and any other instruments are directly between the two parties.

Benfits of Wazirx Clone Script

  • Customizing options: everyone can easily access the business model.
  • Beta module: you can test the beta module.
  • Cost-effective:wazirx clone script is cost-effective development, will be around (5k to 15k ).
  • Time period: it will be launched within 1 week.
  • Secure and advanced security features:wazirx clone script is full of secure and advanced functionalities.

Security features 

  • KYC/AML verification
  • Encrypted private key 
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Location tracking
  • Data encryption
  • SSRE protection

If you need to start a crypto exchange like wazirx just buy the Localbitcoins clone script from any reliable cryptocurrency exchange development company. They will assist you in the best way to launch a wazirx-like crypto exchange.

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