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Dween Muse Orthodontist an upcoming and new Orthodontist is determined to carry on amazing work that is a part of the culture in Brookhaven Orthodontists. Dr Muse from her office wants to give great smiles to the world, one smile from the past. Dr Muse is an orthodontist who has created smiles for a long time out of the Orthodontist in Brookhaven office. Dr. Muse has now opened an office of her own. Here at Dween Muse Orthodontics the staff will put their all to ensure that you receive the best benefit of the treatment. Their aim is making you feel in your own home, relaxed and feel like you're part of a family. Patients who are new bring enthusiasm to the clinic on their first visit. The treatment is a win-win regardless of age, paying special focus on adults who enjoy a beautiful smile. There are some adults who require periodic treatments prior to, during and following orthodontic treatment.

Early treatment recommends seeing children before the age of 7. The doctor picks this age to make certain about the type of treatment that is needed and determine if it's the best moment to start treatment. Early treatment may stop suction and end uncommon swelling or speech issues.

Orthodontic Surgery is ideal for those who have an unnatural bite or whose jaws are positioned incorrectly. Dr. Muse will be sure to discuss the procedure in detail in consultation with patients.

Dween Muse Orthodontics introduces two advanced technology tools in their office. Lythos is an Intraoral Digital Camera that is a modern day scanner. The camera can eliminate unpleasant and dirty impressions. This method integrates into the routine of the staff. It helps patients save time and its tiny size and rounded tip, provides the most comfortable experience. AcceleDent is a new FDA accepted technology that can move teeth 50 percent more quickly. It is similar to Liberty Braces. Patients can use this device for 20 minutes per day and it helps reduce discomfort while treatment for Braces in Liberty. With Liberty braces it is designed to remain within the mouth for the duration of treatment.

Dween Muse Orthodontics work hard to ensure that orthodontic treatment is affordable to all their patients. They have everything from standard flexible budget plans to payment plans that fit your budget. To keep fees at a minimum, and providing the highest quality of service they have created these plans with 7% discounts when you pay in full, or extended payments over a duration of months, and excludes the important credit card brands.

For patients with insurance. The office is able to work with a variety of insurance plans. They also have an insurance coordinator on staff who will verify that your insurance plan provides this benefit and to ensure you receive the greatest benefit. Dween Muse Orthodontics network with many insurance firms.

Attaining their goal has never felt as good

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