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We are offering very affordable teacher training courses in India

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After you have made up your mind to do your yoga teacher training, the next thing that comes to mind is where to actually go to. This can be really challenging due to the fact that there are a lot of training centers spread across the world, and that is why one has to be careful, in order not to waste his or her resources. Before you make your final decision, here are some basic things you might want to consider.

1. Timing and schedule

To be very sincere, most of us are so occupied with a lot of activities and even when we decide to go for a yoga teacher training course in India, it can be very challenging. This is the fact but it still boils down to how busy you are and how tight your schedules are. A lot of us at some point in time might have planned to go for a yoga training but may get discouraged due to time factor. You can go for a 1 month plan or for an extended period of 6 months. It all depends on what works best for you, whether you go for a one month training or six, it all depends on your achievements at the end of the day.

2. Instructors

When searching different yoga schools in India, the first thing you notice about the instructors is that you can have at least two or three in a class. It doesn’t really matter, trust me. Some students may like to work close with their teachers. Having just a few teachers guide you throughout the process can provide that for you. In any event that you do not like a particular teacher, it might be a bad experience for you; it may even decrease your motivation. But the bottom line is that having close connections with your instructors, whether they are much or not, depends on your personality. Most yoga teachers are free and would be glad to work with you, so that you can actualize your goal.

3. styles

One very important thing you discover about most yoga schools India is that they teach a particular style of yoga or a particular lineage of yoga. Some students may just want to have a general knowledge about yoga. It all depends on individual choices. There are lots of benefits of being trained in a particular style or lineage though. This can make teaching very easy and understandable in the beginning, as a result of the sequencing alignment which is very direct.

4. Class time

In accordance with the Yoga Alliances standards, the time allocated for basic certification courses in yoga is 200 hours. 20 hours can be considered as non-contract hours, which includes time for homework, self-practice without a training instructor. There are different programs out there, so when going for a yoga teacher training in India, choose the best that will give you the most for your investment.

5. Affordability

This might be the last thing we are talking about, but it is also very important. Yoga teacher training programs are basically not free of charge. There are different schools that offer affordable teacher training courses that suits your budget. Find one, so that you don’t get frustrated at the end of the day.




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