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    Become a Freight Broker

  • Are you a teenager who wants to know how to become a freight broker? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. Freight broker make money by providingtransport services to businesses and individuals. Their job is to book and organize shipments between two parties. Brokers earn between 10% to 35% profit per shipment when they handle an import/export transaction.
  • Initially, when starting out as a freight broker, this would translate to a substantial income. Once acquiring some contacts in the shipping industry and gaining some expertise in the field, experienced truck drivers can make as much as $5,176per shipment completed. Not bad, right?
  • However, to be successful in this business, one must establish a sound business plan that would enable one to earn a significant amount of money. The key to setting up a profitable truck driver marketing strategy is to build a strong networking connection through existing and potential shippers. By using trucking trade directories, shippers are able to quickly locate other freight brokers, which will allow for greater scale trading opportunities.
  • Many truckers prefer to use the help of a freight brokerage business directory such as the Freight Brokering Directory (FMCS). The FMCS is the most comprehensive freight broker directory available. This comprehensive directory includes information on more than 800 shippers, including detailed information such as the type of shipments they provide, their address, and contact details. The list also features manufacturers and importers, which allow shoppers to search for suppliers that provide the specific product they need. With the help of an FMCS, shippers can determine what types of trucks and trailers they need to transport products and determine the appropriate shipping company to make the shipment.
  • Before you can begin leasing vehicles or securing customers, you must first establish a valid license from your respective state. You must obtain an FMSSA or FederalMotor Carrier Safety Administration license before pursuing a freight broker business. Once you obtain your FMSSA license, you may continue to work toward attaining other business certifications or licenses. You will want to ensure that any certifications or licenses you hold are in compliance with the terms of your FMSSA. You should also check with the local licensing boards to make sure that your insurance policies and requirements are in accordance with state and federal laws.
  • Freight brokers can access specialized information through the internet. This includes loads of information on how to become a freight broker. To help shippers locate suitable freight brokers to lease or secure contracts, many brokers offer online applications. Online applications make it easy for shippers to find freight brokers quickly and easily. In addition, these online directories provide freight industry news and information, tips and articles, and updated listings of the latest freight brokers in the region.
  • Before you can begin leasing vehicles or securing new clients, you must first establish yourself as an established freight brokerage agent. This is typically done by first building up a network of other freight brokers. To build up this network, you can make referrals to other brokers, participate in trade shows and fairs, and be proactive in networking within your industry. When you initially start out in the industry, there may be little chance that you can obtain one of the first jobs that come your way. It is important to make a personal effort to get your name, phone number, and website noticed by potential clients.
  • When it comes to securing new freight brokers, the best place to start is at your current carrier. Ask your current carrier for a list of trusted transportation brokers. Then contact all of the brokers on this list and offer them a free seminar or two to introduce them to the trucking industry. Most brokers will then contact you after you have made contact with several of them to learn more about working with trucking companies. By following this initial strategy, you should be able to secure a variety of jobs, which will help you expand your business when it comes time to open a trucking company of your own. We are also providing Digital Marketing Services.


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