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  • Types of Freight Shipping

    Freight shipping is for the physical act of shipping goods and commodities and cargo by a commercial truck. In the early history of shipping, the term shipping was primarily referred to transportation by sea only, but later on, it was extended to include ocean freight or land transportation. In recent years, Freight shipping has gained greater prominence due to the fact that global trade has grown tremendously. With trade expanding, many businessmen have taken freight shipping to enable their businesses to flourish globally.

  • The process of freight transportation is quite simple. An exporter sends his raw materials, factories, and workshops to the manufacturer who assembles the goods into finished goods. The manufacturer transports the finished products by truck to the destination where the items are ready for retail sale. The exporter pays for transporting the goods from the seller to the buyer. The difference between the seller's price and the exporter's price forms the profit.
  • There are four types of shipping rates in international trade. These are the common freight class, the medium freight class, the heavy freight class, and the special freight class. All these classes have different freight costs depending upon their classification. The rates of shipping costs also differ according to the port of destination and type of items being shipped.
  • Freight shipments can be either inter-port or intrastate. Internationally, freight shipments mostly enter through ports of call while intrastate freight shipments enter through inland seaports. Freight shipments can be either direct or indirect. A direct freight shipment is when the goods are delivered directly to the consumer. Indirect cargo shipment is when the goods are delivered to a warehouse where the consumer will pick the goods from.
  • Freight shipments can be single or multi-destination. A Single-destination shipment means that a single cargo will be transported to only one customer. Multi-destination shipment means that there will be more than one delivery made to the same customer. There are various types of shipping methods used for single-destination or multi-destination shipments.
  • Airfreight is considered the most cost-effective and efficient way of transportation of bulk products. However, air transport can be very costly because of the level of security and insurance required during shipment. Waterfreight or ocean freight is considered less cost-effective but it is faster than air shipping. Ocean freight is less expensive than air shipping.
  • The most common form of shipping goods by pallets is on trucks and barges. On trucks, pallets are securely strapped to trucks without affecting their weight. The goods are placed in pallets which are transported to the destination. When the container reaches the destination, the pallet is removed and the empty space is filled with fresh cargo.
  • ContainerShipment: It is one of the most common forms of cargo transportation. ContainerShipment is divided into two types: open and closed containers. In an open container, the container is opened in front of the shipper and transported to the buyer. On the other hand, in a closed container, the container is closed transported without the knowledge of the shipper. Freight transported by the container is very cost-effective because of the low rate of transportation and comparatively long time for reaching the destination.
  • Boatshipments: Boats are used for transporting bulk items. In some cases, the vessel can be used for express shipment or freight transportation. In most cases, boats are used to transport fragile and valuable cargo such as oil. However, it may not be possible to use the boats for a long period, as they are expensive.
  • AirFreight: This is another popular type of cargo transportation. Airfreight classification is based on the size and weight of the loads. Smaller loads are classified as light loads. Larger loads are classified as heavy loads. Airfreight is comparatively slower as well as less expensive.
  • There are other types of shipping services besides the traditional means of shipping through freight. For instance, sea freight classification is a type of shipping service that ships bulky or large loads via ocean transport. However, sea transport is the most costly mode of shipping goods. For instance, rarely will you find a cargo ship that is larger than 15m long or weighs more than a ton.
  • Trucking carriers are also an option for low-cost transport. However, there is a high-risk factor involved when using trucks. Also, trucking costs are high and the shipment time is very short in case of large shipments. We are also Providing Digital Marketing Services.


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