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Most of us have tea coasters in our houses but how often do we actually use it? Well, not that often, right? We tend to forget using the coasters while sipping on our drinks and beverages. This is because these are one of the most under-used, under-rated, but very important parts of our home decor.

Coasters come with a lot of benefits which you may have no idea about. They are not only a decor element to show off. They are there to actually serve a purpose apart from beautifying your tables. Here are some reasons why you should get into the habit of using tea coasters whenever you or your guests are enjoying a drink:

Protect Your Furniture

The primary purpose of a coaster set is to protect your furniture from damage. The table tops on which you place your drinks can get damaged over time if you don’t use coasters. This happens especially in case of wooden tables. Because of condensation, you will notice a lot of water rings on the table. This expands every time the glass is raised or put down. The water droplets on the glass move downwards to the table and the wood absorbs it slowly. Hence, a coaster performs like a protective barrier between your table and the drink. Even if your drink is neither too hot nor too cold, it can still damage the furniture underneath. 

Show Respect to Your Host

Even if you do not like using beverage mats or coasters, you must put them to use when you are visiting someone. The host may or may not mention it but it is on you to use a coaster while placing your drink on the table. If you don’t find a coaster on the table, it is courteous to ask for one and save their furniture from damage. This goes both ways. When you have guests over, offer them coasters or set them on the table even before they ask for one.

Enjoy the Convenience

Most of the coasters are really tiny and compact in size. You can put them up anywhere, no matter how big or small your apartment is. You can also buy a lot of these coaster sets and develop a collection of your own. If you or your guests spills any drink on them, you just need to wash it. There are no worries of stains and spots. You can use them over and over again. They are pretty pocket-friendly too and come in a lot of variety.

Add to Your Decor

Coasters can be an excellent addition to your overall home decor. It is quiet unbelievable how these tiny discs can make such a big difference. Wooden coasters look very rustic and beautiful as a showpiece for your coffee table. You can also put them up on shelves or window panes as a decor item. They are bound to add a very unique and feel-good vibe to your place. You would not even have to spend money on decorative pieces. Just buy coasters online and see them doubling up as great showpieces. Also, visit ceramic teapot online at the lowest price.


These days, coasters come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy and own a lot of them. Save the more expensive and fancier ones for special occasions and special guests. You can use the less pricy ones daily and have one of those on your tables at all times. Your guests will be surprised to see your elegant coasters at dinner parties and get-togethers. You should be ready for all the compliments that you are going to receive for these lovely pieces.

If you are planning to buy coasters online, go for the wooden coasters as they not only look nice but also do the job very efficiently. As wood is very durable and long-lasting, you do not have to worry about frequent replacements. Moreover, they have a very classy and royal vibe to them. Hence, they would also make for an amazing decorative item in your apartment. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in some good quality coasters and save your tables from the horrors of damage.

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