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We Never Learn finally ended, and fans bid their farewell to the series after the protagonist finds his true love with the five girls.

After three wholesome years of love, affection, and studying, We Never Learn ends with a beautiful conclusion that captivated every reader of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Alternative routes

We Never Learn follows the story of Nariyuki Yuiga and his relationship with Fumino Furuhashi, Rizu Ogata, Uruka Takemoto, Mafuyu Kirisu, and Asumi Kominami. Nariyuki is a top-tier student at the Ichinose Academy, and in the story, Nariyuki tutors the four girls and helps them pass their term-end examinations. After one year of hard work, all of them clear the exams, and along the way, the female characters, including the teacher Mafuyu Kirisu, fall in love with Nariyuki.

Taishi Tsutsui formerly decided to end the series with just Nariyuki falling in love with one of the female characters. But considering the popularity of the series, Taishi Tsutsui chose to create an epilogue with multiple endings with each heroine.

The official and first ending concludes Uruka Takemoto’s confession to Nariyuki Yuga. After wrapping up his feelings for Uruka, Nariyuki finally decides to confess his feelings for her and runs to the airport to confess his love to her childhood friend Takemoto. In the first route, Nariyuki eventually falls in love with Takemoto, and the route ends with both of them kissing at the airport.

Instead of having a single ending, Taishi Tsutsui gave five different routes so that fans can enjoy each ending with their favorite girl character. Fans would agree that the romance between the characters was spurring from day one, but none confess that they were in love. Taishi Tsutsui made the ending satisfying as none of the heroines is left out, and in the end, each of them ends up in a relationship with Nariyuki.

The best route for the series

The most notable ending that caught everyone’s attention was the ending with Mafuyu Kirisu. In the Mafuyu route, the relationship between student and teacher becomes more apparent because Mafuyu used to be a student of Nariyuki’s late father. In this route, Mafuyu marries Nariyuki, and both of them receive blessings from their friends and family members. What makes the Mafuyu special is the appearance of Nariyuki’s father’s soul, who congratulates the couple on their wedding.

Some fans liked Asumi’s route better as the two of them share a life-and-death situation. Asumi’s father and her medicinal knowledge saved Nariyuki’s life, and after waking up, Nariyuki felt indebted to her and proposed to her for marriage.

In the second route, Nariyuki ends up in a relationship with the udon-eating monster Rizu Ogata and in the third route, he proposes to Fumino Furuhashi. The fourth route was reserved for Asumi Kominami, and the last and final route ended with Nariyuki marrying Mafuyu Kirisu.


We Never Learn manga was 10/10 as everyone got what they deserve, and even the fans are satisfied as the five routes give a new perspective into the harem genre in the manga and anime medium. In most romantic stories, the protagonist ends up with the one he/she loved, but Taishi Tsutsui broke the conventional norm and gave an excellent ending to all the characters.

Source-We Never Learn: The Manga Ends With The Perfect Conclusion


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