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The subject of Web Apps vs Mobile Apps has always been a topic of discussion. Desktops are still in demand whereas smartphone business has accelerated over the years. Mobile shopping has seen a hike for the past many years. Hence the whole world is moving towards mobile strategy.

When a desktop is still in demand and mobile shopping is increasing considerably, the debate of Web Apps vs Mobile Apps is going to continue.

Understanding whether you should opt for Web Apps or Mobile App Development or both depends on a lot of factors. Let us understand more about each of these apps

How Popular Are Mobile Apps And Web Apps?

In a debate on Web Apps vs Mobile Apps,we need to understand the popularity of each in the market.

Everyone is using smartphones and it is going to rise in the coming years. As per the growth statistics, the count will continue to grow in the future. It will inspire a lot of startups to choose app development to compete and join the mobile revolution.

With a mobile app for your business, you can see an increased customer base as most people shop through their mobile phones. If you are a startup and want it to grow, it is time to build an app that helps your business generate revenues.

How To Choose The Right Option?

The choice between web app development or mobile app development can be a daunting task. The reason is that a lot of individuals say that building a web application is always better than mobile applications.

But, in reality, the mobile application development services has multiple benefits over a web app so the above statement tends to be wrong. However, the same idea is applied to web applications.

The mobile apps are built from scratch tools whereas web apps are the alterations of website version.

Undoubtedly, the two methods are equally useful, but you have to determine different factors before you select anyone. So, it means you need to determine whether you need a mobile app or web app by considering your business goals. The best method to pick any one of them is by understanding more about the two apps.

Web Apps


Web apps are programs saved on the remote service. They are designed to operate on multiple mobile operating systems. You cannot install them directly on mobile stores as they are browser-based programs. So, users have to log on to the websites to access web apps.

Mobile Apps


They are application software solutions built to support mobile devices like smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. Mobile apps are small programs with limited features.

They can be installed directly on the phone’s storage. The native app can be downloaded by entering the app stores for Android, iPhone, Windows, etc

Choosing Between Web Apps vs Mobile App

The option to select between Web App vs Mobile App is a tedious task for most of us. To avoid confusion you can compare the pros and cons of web and mobile apps.

Pros Of Mobile Apps

  • Can function offline

  • Exceptional functionality as they can access system resources

  • Faster as compared to web apps

  • Safe & secure— Native apps need to be first approved by the app store

  • Simple to develop as development tools, SDKs, interface elements are available

Cons Of Mobile Apps

  • Bit expensive as compared to web apps

  • Compatible with multiple platforms like Android, iOS, which needs development and designing to be done from scratch

  • Expensive to update & maintain

  • Approval of native app by the app store can be difficult

Pros Of Web Apps

  • Update automatically

  • Faster and easy to build than mobile apps

  • Do not need to be installed or downloaded as web apps work in-browser

  • Easy maintenance as they have a common codebase despite a mobile platform

  • Do not need store approval hence can be launched faster

Cons Of Web Apps

  • Do not operate offline

  • Cannot be searched like mobile apps since they are not listed in a particular database just like the in-app store

  • Slower as compared to mobile apps, and do not have the latest features like mobile apps

  • Quality & security are not guaranteed at all times as web apps do not need to be approved through an app store

Useful Tips To Make A Wise Decision On Web Apps Vs Mobile Apps

The advancements in technology are always helpful. Every technological trend comes with its pros and cons. Hence, every current technology has drawbacks and benefits. Also, every platform has an individual setup for web application development.

When you are aware of all the details about these two apps, you can proceed to the next step. Irrespective of what web development technique you choose, make sure you get the right answers for the questions given below. It will certainly help you choose the right app

Who Are Your End-Users Or Target Audience For Your Business?


Startups need to understand that both the apps are built to target your target audience and end-users. So, make sure you need to determine the wants, goals, and needs of the end-users while choosing between web & mobile apps.

What Type Of Business You Are Into Or What Is The Startup You Are Planning For?

The start-up app solely depends on the product that you want to sell. So, before you develop a mobile app or a web app, make sure you are clear with what products you want to sell. In short, the product idea plays an integral role in deciding the app development strategy for your new business venture.


After knowing about the benefits and drawbacks of web apps vs mobile apps, it is better to assess your business goals and target audience to pick the right option.

If you are not sure about whether to opt for a web app or mobile app or both for your business, share your business requirements with X-Byte Enterprise Solutions to know and develop the right app for your business


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